Against the Apartheid Wall: The grassroots raise the resistance over the last fortnight
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Against the Apartheid Wall: The grassroots raise the resistance over the last fortnight

Over the last few weeks, Palestinian resistance has increased against the Apartheid Wall dismissing claims made by the Occupation Forces over modification of the Wall’s path. Palestinian resistance made it clear they didn’t believe the Zionist lies and do not accept the negation towards the issue of the Wall by negotiators at Sharm al-Shekh. Below is a summary of Palestinian resistance since the 18th of February:

***image2***18th Feb. Demonstrations and rallies developed into direct confrontation with the occupation forces, in Beit Surik/ West Jerusalem, in Bil’in / West Ramallah, in Hebron City and Yatta / South Hebron district.

In Beit Surik, villagers halted the landscape architects brought in by the occupying forcers who were attempting to place markers for the path of the Wall which aims to rip through the village. Prior to 1948 the village land size was 13,000 dunums. 4000 dunums were annexed from the village in 1967 for the so called – “armistice line” – the 1967 Green Line. In 1980, 1500 dunums were stolen for the Ha Radar settlement. Today the Apartheid Wall will destroy and isolate 15% of what is left of the village’s lands.

In the village of Bil’in, villagers were joined by Palestinians across the area in a demonstration on the land threatened by confiscation for the Wall. Here the Wall is set to isolate lands from different villages of Saffa and Bil’in amongst others.

In southern West Bank, in Hebron City, Palestinians organized a march to the threatened lands of Khalayla al-Mograbi and Khalayla Khorwaat. Demonstrators planted olive trees on these lands to symbolize their insistence to defend and protect their land, in a message to the Occupation Forces that their Occupation bulldozers and Walls cannot separate the people from their land.

In Yatta, in south Hebron, the demonstration developed into a full scale clashes with the Occupation Forces. Several hundred villagers physically prevented the Occupation Forces vehicles and bulldozers, sealing off road access to the land in a defiant blockade. The Wall here will isolate and steal most of the village lands.

***image4***19th of Feb. A large demonstration was organized in the village of Kafr Qaddum which is currently surrounded by walls. The grassroots Anti-Apartheid committee, together with other organizations across the Qalqiliya district, organized this demonstration against the daily humiliation endured by villagers who are not allowed to pass through the gates which make the only remaining exit for the village. The local grassroots committee made a call for action to all organizations and committees to participate in the demonstration.

21st/22nd Feb. Clashes broke out between the villagers of Bil’in, Saffa and Kharbatha Bin Hares and the Occupation forces. The Apartheid Wall in that area will isolate 1780 dunums of land.

***image3***23rd Feb. Marking the one year memorial of the convening of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, which called for the destruction of the Wall, the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall grassroots campaign and other grassroots committees organized activities in front of the Palestinian Parliament in Ramallah. As MPs met to form the new government ministries, many villagers along with representatives from different local committees and organizations, raised slogans requesting the Palestinian Authority (PA) to ask for the application of the ICJ decisions. Furthermore, they asked that any ceasefire be connected to the tearing down of the Wall and the halting of settlement building. A press release from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign was distributed amongst the demonstrators to refute the lies of the Occupying Forces about the nature of “the new wall path”. They called for the Palestinian people to continue the request to tear down the wall and not be fooled by any “modifications” of the path.

26th Feb. Anti-Apartheid Wall activities and demonstrations took place in Ar Ram city and old Beit Hanina where the people marched to the threatened land and prayed. In Rafat and Ramallah demonstrators called for the application of the ICJ hearing and the destruction of the 245 kms of the Wall already built. In the Deir Ballut village of Salfit district, where the Wall will imprison the entire village, demonstrators made it clear “No to the Apartheid Wall”. With slogans of “Humanity – Shame on You” Palestinians called for international community to apply the ICJ ruling for the destruction of the Wall.