Canadian Activists Launch “The Wall Must Fall Campaign”
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Canadian Activists Launch “The Wall Must Fall Campaign”

Palestinian solidarity activists in Vancouver, Canada have launched their own Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign in solidarity with the grassroots Palestinian resistance to the Wall. This resistance, which has been increasing in momentum over the last few months, has put down the lies of the Occupation Forces that the route of the Apartheid Wall has been modified to take into account the lives of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, while seeking to cement ties between those struggling for justice in Canada and Palestine, The Wall Must Fall Campaign, seeks to force the Canadian government to apply the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision from July 2004 that the Wall is illegal and should be dismantled.

After the ICJ decision, the United Nations General Assembly took its own vote regarding the implementation of ICJ ruling. Canada was one of nine countries to abstain during the ballot, with 150 countries voting in favour of the resolution. The world’s highest court also ruled that all nations have an “obligation to ensure Israel complies with International law”. This has led The Wall Must Fall Campaign to declare:

“It becomes the responsibility of the people of Canada to bring our government to act in accord with international law and to demand Israel implement the Court’s ruling. For the people in Canada to ignore this responsibility is to accept as “fate” the increasing chaos and human disaster inflicted on humanity by those who believe their power gives them the “right” to trample international law.”

The Campaign comes at a crucial moment in the grassroots resistance in Palestine. Demonstrations across all districts of the West Bank are taking place on a daily basis, with Palestinians forcing the implementation of the ICJ ruling with their bare hands and bodies. Intense clashes over the last week have left dozens of Palestinians critically injured, and scores detained. Despite the violence and aggression of the Occupation Forces, Palestinians have been steadfast to their lands, and defiantly resisted any acceptance of the brutal system of Apartheid which the occupation wants to impose in the West Bank. The Wall Must Fall Campaign is a welcome sign of genuine international solidarity with this struggle. They Campaign notes:

”Our goal is simple, but we know it will not be easy. It requires persistent and patient efforts, to bring together religious, union, women, student, teacher, immigrant, civil liberties and human rights networks.”

On a global level, across every continent, such alliances are beginning to come together, and are becoming increasingly vocal in the need to force Israel to abide by international and humanitarian law. This is welcomed by Palestinians at the grassroots level who resist the Apartheid Wall, the brutal occupation and the theft of their lands on a daily basis. Furthermore, it heralds the beginning of a global anti-apartheid movement similar to the one which was instrumental in confronting the racist state of South Africa during the 1980s.

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