Resistance Goes Global – Join the Campaign at the G8
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Resistance Goes Global – Join the Campaign at the G8

The Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign as part of “The Wall Must Fall” project will join the protests in the streets of Edinburgh at the forthcoming G8 summit, calling for an end for international support and complicity in Israeli Apartheid.

The meeting of the G8 in Scotland comes just a few days before the one year anniversary of the ICJ ruling to tear down the Wall and provide compensation for those who have had their lives and land devastated by the Occupation Forces. Like the countless UN resolutions before it that remain unfulfilled, the mandate to dismantle the Wall has been entirely neglected by the international community. Moreover, the international community, led by the G8 countries and its agencies such as the World Bank, have begun a process of sustaining the system of Apartheid and expulsion upon the Palestinian people.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are expected at the summit where the campaign will call for a global anti-apartheid movement to target the Israeli Occupation and Apartheid project backed by the World Bank and the G8 countries which control it.

Set to be one of the highlights of the G8 protests, The Wall Must Fall together with Scottish PSC, PSC UK and War on Want are organizing a mass meeting on Monday 4th of July to launch the latest publication of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. Do-it-yourself Apartheid – Israel, the World Bank and the “development” of the Palestinian ghettos reveals the direct role of the international community, and the World Bank, in the project of maintaining the Apartheid Wall and sustaining the Palestinian ghettoes.

Representatives from the campaign, joined by renowned economists and activists Samir Amin and Walden Bello, will discuss the need to build an international anti-apartheid movement to provide effective means of isolating Israeli Apartheid through boycotts, sanctions and divestment.

Join the Campaign at the G8 and support our call to:

    Tear Down the Apartheid Wall!
    For Free Palestine!
    Isolate Apartheid Israel!

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