July 9 – List of Global Activities!
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July 9 – List of Global Activities!

The 9th of July – the one year anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling for the Apartheid Wall to be torn down – looks set to be a global day of action spanning the globe. From Cairo to Seoul, people across the world will show their solidarity with Palestinians struggling for liberation and justice and against Israeli Occupation and Apartheid.

The ICJ decision, reflecting the popular calls of the Palestinian people, mandated the international community to work towards dismantling the Apartheid Wall. Moreover, the court ruled that there must be no complicity or support for this latest project of Israeli colonialism. However, against the interests of the Palestinian people, and contrary to international law, the World Bank – together with its political masters in the United States and G8 – have developed various strategies to sustain the Wall, maintain the Occupation and provide the financial backing to fuel further Israeli land grabs across Palestine.

On Saturday the 9th of July, the popular committees to resist the Apartheid Wall will engage in mass mobilization across Palestine. The call for solidarity and mobilization against the World Bank and those who seek to sustain Israeli Apartheid will be taken up across the globe around the slogans:

    Implement the ICJ decision NOW!
    Tear Down the Apartheid Wall!
    For Free Palestine!
    Isolate Apartheid Israel!

Here is a list of activities and contact details for the activities to take place globally taking up the calls from the Palestinian people on July 9th. If you are taking part or organising an event not listed here please email us for inclusion.

South Korea

Palestine solidarity activists will gather for a demonstration in Daehangno, Seoul on July 9th.

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A press conference detailing the Campaign’s latest publication “Do-it-yourself Apartheid: Israel, the World Bank and the “development” of the Palestinian ghettos”, together with the Egyptian government’s support for Israel, will take place in Cairo on July 9th.

Dr. Abdelwahab Elmisirsi will speak about Egyptian support for Israel and its racist and colonialist policies in Palestine. There will be a formal presentation of the Campaign’s new presentation before a talk exploring the recent deals to export gas from Egypt to Israel.

The event takes place within an understanding that Israeli Apartheid and Occupation depends on external assistance – and that targeting such support can cut off and isolate Zionism. Popular boycotts and sanctions against Israel have gained momentum in Egypt during recent months with the creation of a “blacklist” of companies that support the Israeli colonialist regime.


– New Jersey
Activists in the state of New Jersey are organising a presentation and discussion of the Campaign’s publication on July 9th.

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– Washington
Campaign group End The Occupation will make the US funding of the Apartheid Wall their weekly theme when they meet for Washington Wednesday with congressional representatives of government,

Falling on July the 6th campaigners will highlight the $50 million recently provided to fund the prison gates of the Apartheid Wall, and referred to by the US as “Palestinian aid”.

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– Montpelier
The Palestinian Solidarity Association of France is organizing a mass protest for July 9th in Montpellier. Demonstrators will march under the slogan “No to Sharon – tear down the Wall” in response to the forthcoming visit to France of Occupation War Criminal Ariel Sharon.

The march will begin at 4 pm in place de la Comedie in downtown Montpellier.

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– Paris
On July 7th, the French NGO Platform will host a special conference at the national assembly (parliament) to remind both France and the EU of its obligations as determined by the OCJ decision.

Monique Chemillier-Gendreau and other MPs will speak and mobilize around the slogan: One Year after the ICJ – the mobilization must continue!


The Norwegian youth organization for Palestine will present the publication during one of Norway’s biggest summer festivals.

Further details coming soon.


Activists from the group “Fuoritempo” have organised two events in the town of Mondavio taking up the popular calls for action from Palestine.

Solidarity campaigners will come together on the 5th for a meeting that includes in its programme a screening of the film “Jenin Jenin”.

On July the 11th there is another film screening from Gaza and a discussion of the Apartheid Wall involving strategizing for further solidarity with Palestinians.

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United Kingdom

– Edinburgh
The Campaign as part of The Wall Must Fall project will be joining the protests against the G8 in Scotland. The Campaign publication will be launched at a special meeting held by the The Wall Must Fall project with War on Want, Scottish PSC and PSC UK. The event will be held at the Friends Meeting House, Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh, between 4 pm – 6 pm on Monday the 4th of July. Amongst the speakers will be Walden Bello, Samir Amin and Trevor Ngwane.

– Manchester
Activists will be picketing outside Marks and Spencers store in the city centre, under the slogan “Tear Down The Wall” targeting Saturday shoppers on July 9th.

There has been an ongoing campaign, which began at the start of the Intifada, calling for a Boycott of Marks and Spencer as part of the campaign to build a boycott of all Israeli goods.

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Activists in Luxembourg are organizing a press conference on the topic of the Wall on July 5th and will follow it through with a public protest action on July 9th in solidarity with the mobilization across Palestine.

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Activists in Vancouver have put in place a weekend of activities – based upon the ICJ decision and the popular calls from Palestine – calling for the Apartheid Wall to be torn down. On Friday the 8th of July, campaigners will engage in a media action at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to protest the poor coverage of the Wall. A local choir, Solidarity Notes, will join the demonstration with Palestinian folksongs. Activists will then march along a main commuter route with banners and leaflets.

On Saturday the 9th, campaigners will have a picket in the town centre with displays and information. The slogan for the event will be – Canada must choose: Israel’s
Apartheid Wall or International Law. A replica Apartheid Wall has been constructed by a local carpenter including barbed wire, Occupation towers and gates. It also includes destroyed Palestinian lands and houses and the Zionist colonies which are expanding on the stolen land.

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– Santiago
A panel of speakers on “anti-imperialism” will discuss the role of the G8 and World Bank in sustaining Israeli Apartheid in a special meeting organized in Santiago on July 7th. There will be several personal testimonies before a general discussion of providing effective solidarity to the Palestinian people.

Thrusday July 7, 16:00
Universidad ARCIS, Libertad 53. Santiago
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– Valparaiso
Solidarity group GUPS íso will make several conferences and expositions into the universities of the region for make a denounce of what the Apartheid Wall mean and ask the solidarity to the resisting Palestinian people.
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