9th of July: Awareness Raising on the Apartheid Wall in Palestine to pave the ground for effective solidarity
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9th of July: Awareness Raising on the Apartheid Wall in Palestine to pave the ground for effective solidarity

Because of permanent campaigns of disinformation and because of the control of Apartheid Israel over worldwide media, people often don’t know much about the Occupation in Palestine. Thus, every chance should be seized by activists to inform the society they live in on the reality of life under Occupation and to explain the Zionist project and the meaning of the Palestinian struggle. People must be informed in order to put pressure on their government to isolate Israel on the international arena. As a first step towards Justice in Palestine, Apartheid Israel must be obliged to respect the decision of the ICJ saying that the Wall is illegal and that the Wall must be torn down. Here are a few examples of events organized by international activists to raise awareness of their fellow citizens.


On July 9th, on the very day marking the one year anniversary of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling for the Apartheid Wall to be torn down, a joint statement was prepared by the national Stop The Wall committee, which is composed of 13 Japanese NGOs. In this statement, the basic points of the advisory opinion of ICJ were introduced to remind the public what had been issued a year ago.

The statement pointed the fact that the construction of the wall is continuing despite ICJ opinion and the following UN General Assembly resolution demanding the halt of the construction, the restoration to the state before construction, and the reparation for the damages done.


The PPS (Palestine Peace Solidarity) also organized a demonstration against the wall in
Seoul on July 9th. The slogans were “Tear down the wall; Stop the occupation; Stop killing Palestinian people; No more house demolition and no discrimination”. About 1,500 flyers were distributed and a photo exhibition was set up.

The goal was to inform the Korean people about the Palestinian hardship and resistance under Occupation. There is indeed an urgent need to let people know about the confiscations and destructions of lands by Occupation Forces, the daily violence of settlers and the humiliation that Palestinian people go through every day at checkpoints. It is crucial that awareness raising goes beyond the facts on the ground to the motivations behind the crimes: the Israeli project of colonization and expulsion implemented through a ruthless apartheid system.



In Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 9th, Wall Must Fall activists set out on a 2-day trek to show people what the Apartheid Wall Israel is building looks like. A local artist created an amazing composite scale model showing the Wall. On one side, rubble, a tent for homeless families and barbed wire preventing anyone from approaching the Wall; on the other, green land with lots of water and red roofs. The scale model was displayed in 5 different locations and activists handed out leaflets to over 2,000 people. Most people did not know about the Wall and when they were told about it, they were shocked. Even among those who had heard about the Wall, the majority were unaware that the ICJ had ruled it illegal.

The media coverage on Palestine disguising the reality on the ground and the aims and plans of Apartheid Israel is one of Zionism’s best weapons. The daily efforts of activists all over the world to oppose this creation of myths and parallel realities and histories in mainstream media is crucial to the strengthening of effective solidarity based on an always enlarged movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions. There is a necessity today to break that wall of silence and propaganda behind which the international community is hiding and make the voice of the Palestinian people be heard.