Bedouin Expulsion in the Jordan valley underway
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Bedouin Expulsion in the Jordan valley underway

***image2***In the north of the Jordan valley, more than 300 Palestinian families (including the Daragma, Herini, Milhim and Abu Amer) are set to forced to leave their lands by the Occupation. These Bedouin families live in the Malleh, Samrah and Helwah areas in the north east of Tobas city. They depend on the produce from over 6000 cattle as well farming wheat and corn.

Occupation Forces distributed the expulsion orders on Friday the 19th of August as part of the project to cleanse any Palestinian presence from 10,000 dunums of land in the north of the Jordan Valley. This land will be isolated behind the Eastern Wall leaving Palestinians locked into a series of disparate ghettos.

The annexed land has already been allocated for the benefit of further Zionist expansion. Under the title of “Jordan Valley Developing Project” the Occupation intends to invest millions of dollars into its colonies on stolen Palestinian land.

Bedouin families will be forced to move to the western areas in the north of Jenin district. As the Eastern Apartheid Wall project begins its construction from the north of the Valley, thousands of other Bedouin families living further to the south face expulsion from their land later on in the year. The Occupation will target the cattle industry of the West Bank with Bedouins forced to sell their livestock once their land has been stolen and confiscated. Palestinian livelihoods and economy is systematically targeted by the Occupation in order to make life unbearable for Palestinian families as well as to facilitate Zionist colony expansion from the theft of their lands.

Furthermore, in Jiftlik in the north of Jericho, Occupation Forces this week distributed house demolition orders to 5 families (in total 30 people).