3rd National and International Week against the Apartheid Wall!
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3rd National and International Week against the Apartheid Wall!

9th – 16th of November 2005:

3rd National and International
Week against the Apartheid Wall!


“Through Our Hands, the Apartheid Wall Will Fall!”


is the call under which dispossessed Palestinian farmers and communities all
over the
West Bank will stand
together against the Apartheid Wall and Zionist project of Occupation:

destruction of the land
and its fruits which have been the
historical lifeline and beauty of

Against colonization and ghettoization
through walls, militarization, Jewish-only housing, roads and infrastructure
aimed at the extinction of the heritage and future of our people.

Against the ethnic cleansing
of Jerusalem — the heart of Palestine — and
the ongoing expulsion of our people from their homes.

The Palestinian People are Preparing Intensified Mass Resistance all along the Wall’s Path

To Mark The 3rd
Year of The National Week Against The
Apartheid Wall.

jailed existence of 1.3 Million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will be worsened
under the pretence of “disengagement”—a strategic manoeuvre that distracts
international attention away from the continued construction of the Apartheid
Wall, expansion of settlements, and destruction of Palestinian land throughout
the West Bank. The way that Israel has targeted Gaza—its walled enclosure since the beginning of Oslo,
its isolation and ghettoization, the destruction of infrastructure, and the
enslavement of Palestinians in the industries that serve the profits of Israel
and global capital— is now being mirrored throughout the West Bank at an
alarming rate.

world asks “responsibility” from the Palestinian people in administering their
own imprisonment and enslavement. It orchestrates the discourse towards a new
round of “peace negotiations” to ensure Palestinian silence behind the walls.
The World Bank and international governments are prepared to pay a high price
to buy this silence. What they are not prepared to do, however, is to enforce
the implementation of their own international law and rules in front of Israel.
Holding Israel accountable to the ICJ decision to tear down the Wall and to the multitude of
ignored UN resolutions is conveniently suspended to accommodate the interests
of Israel and its collaborators.

are not asking, however, for larger ghettos, colourful walls and international
aid that sustain the Occupation, but for Liberation and Justice!

Zionist project has failed to destroy the determination of the people to resist
and struggle for their land and rights. It has failed in Gaza,
it is failing in the West Bank,
and it cannot drown the calls for the Right of Return of 5 million Palestinian
refugees expelled from their homeland.

for the 3rd International Week

against the
Apartheid Wall

called for by the
Palestinian Grassroots

Wall Campaign

in support of
Palestinian popular resistance!

and amplify the voice and determination of the Palestinian struggle throughout
your countries in mass mobilizations!

the collaborative efforts of governments and international institutions
perpetuate the subjugation of Palestinians, the United Palestinian Call for
boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel is shared by over 170 Palestinian organizations inside and outside their homeland.

people of the world are rallying in an ever growing movement to Isolate
Apartheid Israel,
are targeting complicity with the Occupation and are calling on their
governments to end support to Israel.

 Unite and take up this call to isolate Apartheid Israel:

End the complicity with the Zionist project of occupation, apartheid and expulsion!

Enact boycott initiatives!

Make widespread divestment from Apartheid Israel and companies supporting it a reality!

Don’t let culture, sports and academy be a legitimating and supportive force of Israeli crime!

Pressure your governments to comply with and enact the ICJ decision and to put effective arms embargos and sanctions on Apartheid Israel and stop financing and sustaining the ghettoization of the Palestinian people!

the Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign know about your action:
contact us at Global@StopTheWall.org.

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