Trail of destruction as confiscations continue in east Abu Dis and Eizarya
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Trail of destruction as confiscations continue in east Abu Dis and Eizarya

Sections of the Apartheid Wall surrounding Abu Dis and Eizarya from the north and east have already been completed. Occupation Forces have now undertaken construction of the eastern segment of the Wall which will ensure the villages are encircled, totally isolate Palestinians from their capital, and annex Palestinian lands directly to the east.

In Eizarya 477 dunums have been confiscated for the 6 km footprint of the Wall. Lying behind the Wall are 2000 dunums of the village’s lands. The main water well which used to provide for the village is located here, subsequently stolen during the 1980s to serve the colonists in Ma’ale Adumim settlement.

Eizarya, home to over 25,000 Palestinians used to own 11,179 dunums of land. 5000 of these were confiscated for the expansion of Ma’ale Adumim and 1200 dunums stolen to facilitate the connection of the colony via bypass roads to Jerusalem. After the Apartheid Wall confiscations the village will be left with a mere 2979 dunums of land.

In Abu Dis, with a population of 14,000, the footprint of the eastern wall is destroying 809 dunums of land. It will isolate 10,000 dunums from the village to enable the expansion of the colonies of Ma’ale Adumim and Qedar. The Zionist expansion ensures a continuity of built-up Jewish areas between these settlements and the settlements which pepper Jerusalem. Previously Abu Dis has lost 16000 dunums for settlements bypass roads which serve these colonies.

Parts of the eastern Wall are being built just 4 meters from Palestinian houses in the villages. This will make these houses situated within 300 meters of the wall – and inside what the Occupation Forces consider to be the “seam zone”. Their location in the “seam zone” will be used – mirroring Occupation crimes across Palestine – as the reason for further demolition of Palestinian houses and lands.