The flames of popular resistance in Eizarya against the Apartheid Wall
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The flames of popular resistance in Eizarya against the Apartheid Wall

***image2***As part of continues popular resistance against the Zionist colonial project – currently reflected in the construction of the Apartheid Wall, the local committee of Eizarya started a series of activities with a mass demonstration. Hundreds from the village, joined by many Palestinian representatives of local organization and factions, together with NGOs marched to the 477 dunums of confiscated lands on Thursday the 1st of September.

It ensured the unity of refusal of the Occupation and its ghettoization projects and asserted the act of resisting the Apartheid Wall amongst thousands of Palestinians.

A popular speech followed the march and pronounced a daily schedule of activities. The activities included praying on the confiscated lands on the following Friday. Villagers agreed upon opening a demonstration tent on the lands. Speakers called on people to participate in daily morning demonstrations and activities by the schools from 9 to 12 am. Daily evening actions from 4 to 7 pm were to be carried out by the village organizations and youth clubs. All of this was directed at creating a day-by-day existence on the threatened lands and to reverberate the Palestinian voice of refusal against the Apartheid Wall and its imprisonment of the Palestinian people.

In Eizarya 477 dunums have been confiscated for the 6 km footprint of the Wall. Lying behind the Wall are 4000 dunums of the village’s lands that will be used to expand the settlements of Ma’aleh Adumim. The main water well which used to provide for the village is located there, stolen during the 1980s to serve the colonists in Ma’ale Adumim settlement.

Eizarya, home to over 25,000 Palestinians used to own 11,179 dunums of land. 5000 of these were confiscated for the expansion of Ma’ale Adumim and 1200 dunums stolen to facilitate the connection of the colony via bypass roads to Jerusalem. After the Apartheid Wall confiscations the village will be left with a mere 2979 dunums of land.