As Palestinians Remember the dead of Sabra & Shatila, The UN Rewards Israeli War Criminal Ariel Sharon!
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As Palestinians Remember the dead of Sabra & Shatila, The UN Rewards Israeli War Criminal Ariel Sharon!

As Palestinians Remember the dead of Sabra & Shatila,

The UN Rewards Israeli
Criminal Ariel Sharon!

Palestinians and the world remembers the 23rd anniversary of the Sabra and Shatila massacres, committed
on 17th-19th of September 1982, the 60th UN
General Assembly will host Apartheid Israel’s Prime Minister and arch war
criminal. Ariel Sharon is invited in front of the international community’s
most prominent forum to represent a state which is grounded and continues to
flourish upon the destruction of the Palestinian people.

began his murderous career in 1952 as a commander of the Zionist army during
the massacre in Qibya where 69 villagers were
slaughtered. He was the architect of the massacre in Sabra
and Shatila that cost the lives of 2000 people. He is
one of the masterminds of the Occupation’s settlement policies in the West
Bank and Gaza
and now implements the project of the Apartheid Wall prepared by his predecessors
against the rights of the Palestinian people and in defiance of international

Sharon represents
a regime that is not only fighting the Palestinian right of existence on their
land but also violates international law and conventions on a daily basis.
Hundreds of UN resolutions have been disregarded by the Occupation while the
decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to dismantle the Wall has
been brushed aside by the Occupation bulldozers that continue their to destruction of Palestinians lands and lives.

Instead of
condemning Sharon
as a war criminal,

Instead of
expelling Apartheid Israel
from the UN on the grounds of its non-compliance with international law, UN
resolutions and its founding charter,

The UN prepares
to applaud Israel’s
latest move towards the Bantustanization of Palestine – the Gaza
“disengagement” – refusing to acknowledge that Gaza
is and remains the world’s largest open air prison. It pressures the
Palestinian people to “negotiate” on the status of their ghettos and to
surrender to the facts on the ground imposed by the Occupation.

Popular mobilization in the West Bank and Gaza will remind UN that:

  • The Palestinian people do not require Walls or Ghettos but Freedom and
    the Liberation of their land.

  • The Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatila, in Gaza and all over the world will never
    give up their right of return.

    If the United Nations want to keep
    up a facade of coherence with their own rules, it should not allow the presence
    of the wretched war criminal and Prime Minister of Apartheid Israel in front of
    the General Assembly but work towards ending Israel’s impunity and the
    international support for the Occupation, colonization and ethnic cleansing of

    The 60th
    Session of the UN General Assembly is asked to:

    • Start the implementation of
      the UN resolutions including resolution 194.

    • Enforce the decision of the
      International Court of Justice to tear down the Apartheid Wall and to prohibit any
      international aid or assistance for this crime.

    • Insist on the true meaning of
      the “Gaza disengagement”, as a ploy to further split and weaken the Palestinian
      resistance and to enable the annexation of 47% of the West
      Bank and the expulsion of Palestinians from their
      capital in Jerusalem.

    We are thus
    calling on all groups, organizations and movements to mobilize around the 15th
    of September to oppose and denounce the presence of mass murderer Ariel Sharon.

    Make these days occasion of global accusation and condemnation of
    Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people and of international complicity!

    Organize sit-ins in front of the UN offices in your country and protest
    with its officials!

    Call upon your parliaments and governments to oppose the presence of
    Ariel Sharon at the UN General Assembly and to
    question Israel’s membership within the UN!

    Sing up to the petition to oppose Ariel Sharon’s address to the UN General

    & Broaden the Popular Movement to Isolate Apartheid Israel!