Tura El-Garbeyah: New military camp on stolen Palestinian lands
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Tura El-Garbeyah: New military camp on stolen Palestinian lands

***image2***With the global media frenzy for “disengagement” and the evacuation of a handful of settlements and military camps, the Occupation continues to uproot and confiscate Palestinian lands throughout the West Bank. Ignored by the international community and media alike, “disengagement” forms the cover for the latest stage of the perpetual Zionist colonization of Palestine.

The evacuation of Dotan military camp to the north of Jenin is indicative of the deception of “disengagement”. While the camp was dismantled under an international media fanfare in early September, it has been relocated onto stolen Palestinian land in Tulkarem.

In Tura el-Garbeyah (north of Tulkarem district), Occupation Forces have begun construction of the new military camp made up from the infrastructure dismantled at Dotan. The camp is being built on the village lands to the north that have been isolated by the Apartheid Wall. In the last week, tents, caravans and military vehicles have descended on the area.

In April, Occupation Forces confiscated 3 dunums of the lands, which lie behind the Wall. The fields here are flat and used by local Palestinian farmers for growing wheat and vegetables. Later, circular area of land (30 dunums) was destroyed and uprooted for the new Camp expansion. Subsequently, Occupation Forces have paved roads, closed them with barbed wire and connected the area with electricity. These lands are between the Apartheid Wall north of the village and the Hannanit Shaqeed settlement.

With the expansion of the settler-infrastructure, the Occupation has refused to issue permits for the majority of villagers from Tura el-Garbeyah to reach their lands behind the Apartheid Wall. Out of 250 villagers, 70 children and old women were granted permits leaving the village unable to harvest their crops including the vital collection of olives.