List of Planned Activities for the 3rd National and International Week Against the Apartheid Wall, November 9-16
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List of Planned Activities for the 3rd National and International Week Against the Apartheid Wall, November 9-16

“Through Our Hands, the
Apartheid Wall Will Fall!”


List of Planned Activities for

3rd National and
International Week Against the Apartheid Wall,

November 9-16

Updated November 8

The 9th –
16th& of November 2005
marks the 3rd National and International Week
against the Apartheid Wall
called for by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid
Wall Campaign and since then endorsed by various movements, groups, networks,
and international civil society conferences.

Against destruction of
the land
and its fruits which have been the historical lifeline and
beauty of Palestine.

colonization and ghettoization
through walls, militarization,
Jewish-only housing, roads and infrastructure aimed at the extinction of the
heritage and future of our people.

Against the ethnic
of Jerusalem — the heart of Palestine — and the
ongoing expulsion of our people from their homes.


The Palestinian People are Preparing
Intensified Mass Resistance all along the Wall’s Path! Across the world a host
of solidarity actions have already been announced, with many more expected to
be declared over the coming week.

Support the struggle and Participate
in the 3rd Week against the Apartheid Wall
and organize in your area
or through your group or movement to give momentum to the call to Stop the
Apartheid Wall!

Unite and take up this call to
isolate Apartheid Israel:


End the complicity with the Zionist project of occupation, apartheid and

Enact boycott initiatives!

Make widespread divestment from Apartheid
Israel and companies supporting
it a reality!

Don’t let culture, sports and academy be a legitimating and supportive
force of Israeli crime!

Pressure your governments to comply with and enact the ICJ decision and
to put effective arms embargos and sanctions on Apartheid

Israel and stop financing and
sustaining the ghettoization of the Palestinian people!


Let the Palestinian grassroots
Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign know about your action:

contact us at


is important to give the widespread local activism strength through
coordination and to let the world know about the global resistance against this
further crime against the Palestinian people.


list of Palestinian Activities to mark the
3rd International Week against the Apartheid Wall:

(To be continually updated)
Campaign Press Release in PDF

All demonstrations to begin at 12 pm from the city center unless otherwise noted:

November 9th Demonstrations:

    – Bethlehem: Conference on the ghettoization of Bethlehem, 6pm, Bethlehem Peace Center

November 10th Demonstrations:

    – Eizarya Village

November 11th Demonstrations:

    – Billi’n Village

November 12th Demonstrations:

    – Jerusalem/Ramallah Demonstration
    (Cancelled due to Mr. Basheir Nafia’ Funeral in the Refuge Camp. The new demonstration date will be pronounced later)

November 13th Demonstrations:

    – Tulkarem
    – Eizarya village at 10:00 am.

November 14th Demonstrations:

    – Bethlehem: A gathering and sit-in at Al-Koba Check Point (Bethlehem North Entrance)
    – Hebron City
    – Jenin City

November 16th Demonstrations:

    – Qalqiliya City

The popular committees of the Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign supported by the Palestinian political and social forces will expand the mobilization of the Week against the Apartheid Wall until the 20th of November.

Grassroots resistance will continue with the following activities:

November 18th Demonstrations:

    – Abood Village: 10:00 clock, gathering at the village council then a march to the lands and a praying.

November 19th Demonstrations:

    – Qalandiya Refugee Camp: 12:30 clock, at the main entrance of the Refugee Camp

November 20th Demonstrations:

    – Eizarya Village: 10:00 clock, gathering at the village council then a march to the confiscated lands.


Initial list of Worldwide Activism to mark the
3rd International Week against the Apartheid Wall:

(to be updated regularly)

Camapigners are currently mobilising for the week against the Wall. In Graz, solidarity activists will organize a “sticker action” spreading thousands of stickers against the Wall all over the old city.

Click here to get in contact with them

In Vienna, Women in Black are organizing on the 14th of November a gathering in the city center followed by a silent demonstration.
Place: Vienna, Ballhausplatz
Time: 4pm-6pm

Basque country:

in the Basque Country are planning an intensified week of mobilization with
parliamentary action, popular awareness raising events, and a boycott stunt.


The city of Ghent will participate on the 9th November with a public demonstration in the town centre. Carrying a huge banner incorporating images of the Apartheid Wall, activists have chosen “Stop Occupation, Break The Wall” as the slogan of the march.

The action is accompanied by a wider NGO-campaign against the Wall by the Action Platform Palestine. The campaign collects photos of people against the Wall and calls upon the government to act against Israel’s violations of international law.

Additionally on November 26th there will be a protest in Brussels.

On November 29th activists will have a meeting with members of Government and raise the issue of the Apartheid Wall in Parliament.

Click here for further details


Activists have organised a mass meeting titled “Israel’s Wall: Law, Peace, and Justice” to take place in Vancouver.

Organized by The Wall Must Fall Campaign, and sponsored by the local Unitarian Church Social Justice
Committee, the meeting promises to be packed with information and resources. Speakers include famous pianist Jacob Allegro who recently took part in grassroots protests to the Wall in Bili’n. A unique video installation by
Montreal artist Danielle Sara Frank titled “Sunset Over
Qalqiliya” will be on display and the meeting will culminate in a public discussion around taking solidarity actions forward.

Date: Wednesday, November 9th

Place: Unitarian Church (49th and Oak), Vancouver, BC

Time: 7:00 pm

Click here for further details

Meanwhile in Montreal, a popular day of action against the Wall is scheduled to take place at Mghill College and St. Catherine. Organized by the Coalition for Justice and Peace in Palestine, a variety of events will take place between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. There will be music, street theatre, speakers and a replica of the Apartheid Wall.

Click here for further details



The Danish Boycott Israel Campaign is
preparing an event on Thursday November the 10th in the center of the capital Copenhagen. Under the slogan
"Break Down the Wall – Sanctions against Israel", a symbolic
Apartheid Wall will be erected and throughout the day a series of popular
personalities from artists, politicians, football players, trade unions and
television are scheduled to come to the Wall and print their "bloody
handprint" along with their signature and a brief statement highlighting
their opposition.

Click here for further details



The French NGO Platform has organized a conference on Jerusalem for the 15th
of November to take place in Paris.

Click here for further details

Meanwhile the Palestine en Marche association have prepared a series of “Boycott Israel” stickers which they will disseminate across shops and food markets during the week against the Wall. Citing the further colonization of Palestinian lands through the Apartheid the Wall, the group are calling for the government to end relations with Israel, remove any cooperation with Israel, and for European companies to halt importation of Israeli produce.

Solidarity groups in France have also organized a host of events and demonstations up and down the country for the week against the Wall.

Special events have been laid on in Carhaix, Angers, Rennes, Cergy. Fontenay, Toulouse, Nîmes, Au Havre and Marne Valley.

In addition street demonstrations will take place in Nantes, Nice, Bagnolet, Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand and Niort.

Click here to visit the website in French and find out full details for each event.


In Hamburg the Palestinian Community, together with German activists, are preparing an awareness raising event with testimonies of activists returning from Palestine. The event will include a montage of images of the Apartheid Wall.

Date: Friday, 11th of November

Time: 7 pm

Place: Werkstatt 3, Nernstweg 32-34, Bahnhof Altona, Hamburg

Click here for further details


The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign and supporters will demonstrate
against the Wall on 11 November.

The demonstration will be held in the heart of the Dublin during the evening rush-hour along O’Connell Street. It will highlight the involvement of an Irish company, CRH, in the supply of cement for the construction of the wall.

CRH will also feature prominently in a divestment conference which will be held in Dublin on Saturday, 26 November.
Many Irish pension funds invest in CRH, because it is the largest company in Ireland.

This conference is intended to launch a divestment campaign in Ireland, with particular emphasis on getting Irish pension funds to divest from CRH until/unless it can provide an absolute guarantee that it is not involved in the supply of materials used in illegal construction projects in the West Bank.

Doubtless, mention will also be made of the fact that the French company which runs the Dublin tram system is one of two companies which have recently signed a contract to build an illegal Israeli light rail system linking Pisgat Ze’ev and French Hill, two illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem; the conference is supposed to call for the Irish government to withdraw/refuse-to-renew the Dublin franchise unless the French company, Connex, withdraws from this illegal activity.

For more details about the demonstration and the conference, see the diary on the IPSC home page


A film titled “THE WALL” by Simone Bitton will be screened in the Tibur Cinema, Rome on Saturday 12 NOVEMBER. The show starts at 10.30 pm.

Later in the week and also taking place in Rome, a coalition of solidarity groups have set up two days of music and discussion against the Apartheid Wall, for the Right of Return and the Freedom of all Palestinian political prisoners!

Friday, 18th: Music for Palestine
A huge concert will be held with 99 Posse and Luca Zulu accompanied with film screenings.

Time: 9.30 pm

Place: Villaggio Globale, Rome

Saturday, 19th: Public Meeting
Various Palestinian speakers from the Occupied Territories and the diaspora will give testimonies and discuss possible ways forward in the struggle against the Occupation.

Outside of Rome are events to take place in Tuscany. The Coordination of Tuscany in Solidarity with Palestine, together with the Social Forum of Cecina, will hold an event this coming Saturday the 5th of November.

There will be an awareness raising picket, with videos, personal testimonies, documents, and exhibits.

Place: Corso Matteotti Road
Time: 10:30 pm

In Florence, a local solidarity group, will highlight the Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall in front of the main police station in the city.

Time: From 4:00 pm
Date: 19th of November

Click here for further details of the above Italian events

In Bologna the Palestinian Solidarity Group, in conjunction with the Fair Trade Shop “ExAequo-Bottega del Mondo”, will be hosting the following events:

Tuesday, 8 November:

Start of a bi-monthly radio program “Yallah Shabab! Window of Information on Palestine” Radio Citta’ Fujiko (103.1 fm),12:00 noon.

Wednesday, 9 November:

Testimonies and experiences of a trip to Palestine by three volunteers of the Fair Trade shop ExAequo, 8:30 pm Bottega ExAequo, via Altabella 7/a.

Friday, 11 November:

“Women in Palestine, Crossroads of experiences” Public meeting. 5:30 pm, Salone di Vittorio, via Marconi 67/2.

Friday, 11 November:

Film screening of “Promises” (2001). Following a debate on Palestine. 8:30 Meridiana Mediateca, via Gandusio, 10.

Monday, 14 November:

Multimedia presentation on the situation in Palestine 4:00 pm, Circolo Arci Sesto Senso, via Petroni 9/c.

Click here for further details of events in Bologna


Japanese campaigners are holding two key events to mark the week. On November the 9th, the Stop The Wall committee of Tokyo, will hold a symposium on the issue of the Wall including speakers and personal testimonies.

The symposium will be repeated in the city of Osaka on November the 12th.

Click here for further details



activities are being prepared for the week, taking in various film screenings,
launching of anti-Apartheid posters, a song festival and series of lectures.



Lebanese Union of NGOs and Organizations in support of the Intifada and
Resistance is organizing:


– a week of awareness raising in universities and colleges throughout Lebanon

– a photo exhibit

– film screenings about the Wall and its impact

– lectures and testimonies of activists from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

– a coordinated media campaign involving TV, radio, newspapers and posters



Mobilization is planned with details to follow shortly.


The Netherlands Palestine Committee and other solidarity supporters will hold an anti-Wall picket line in The Hague on November the 8th. The protest, scheduled to take place between 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm, will also present a petition to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Dutch Parliament.

The group has also organised flyering events in major cities calling for a boycott of Israel. This includes The Hague on November the 10th and Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem and Groningen on November the 12th.

On the evening of November the 9th there will be a public meeting around the Apartheid Wall in the town of Middelburg.

Click here for further details



a host of activities will be a conference on academic boycotts at the University of Oslo and a conference in the
city of Sarpsborg (twin city with Bethlehem) on increasing solidarity



public meeting is planned with further details to be communicated imminently.



in the Philippines are planning to join the
week of action by holding forums, film showings and exhibits. A local boycott
campaign will be launched and a march to the Israeli embassy will take place.

Click here for further details



Scottish PSC is organizing simultaneous protests at the BBC offices across Scotland in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, etc. under the title "Ghetto
Walls in Palestine – BBC’s Wall of Silence
on Israeli Crimes".
Campaigners will be highlighting that the BBC’s wall of disinformation on Palestine is a necessary support of Israel’s new ghetto walls. The
ongoing crime in Palestine could not take place without Western complicity at every level,
including media, economic, political, military support.

Date:On Friday Nov 11th

Time: from 4.00pm

Place: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, etc.

Click here for further details

Scottish Friends of Palestine have organized an International Conference “Palestine and the Legacy of Balfour” on the 12th and 13th of November. Amongst other issues they will discuss taking the call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions forward.

Date: Saturday 12 & Sunday 13 November 2005

Place: Glasgow, The Town House; Haddington

Click here for further details


South Africa:

meet over the next few days to finalise plans for solidarity actions to take
place during the week.

Click here for further details

South Korea:

South Korean activists have organised two demonstrations for the week. The Palestine Peace Solidarity network, in conjunction with the Citizens’ Solidarity for Human Rights group, have prepared an Action Day Against The Wall as well as a demonstration outside the embassy of Apartheid Israel.

On the 12th of November is the Solidarity Action Day for Palestine under the slogan Tear Down The Wall.
Place: Topgol Park, Seoul

On the 15th of November activists will converge in front of the Israeli embassy for a lively and vocal protest calling for the Wall to be torn down.

Click here for further details



Spanish coordination has decided on a day of action during the week; details to
be communicated in the next few days.


A series of events throughout the week have been organised for the cities of Umea, Uppsala and Gothenburg by a network of solidarity activists.

Meanwhile in the capital Stockholm, there will be a demonstration on November the 12th. The focus of the protest will be the Apartheid Wall and the increasing military cooperation between Sweden and Apartheid Israel.

Place: City Center

Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Click here for further details of Swedish activities



The Collective Urgence Palestine group is joining the international week against the Apartheid Wall with a number ofvactivities:

On Friday the 11th of November, a gathering will take place in Geneva city center, screening the presentation of the campaign against the Wall accompanied by street theatre.

Time: 5.30pm – 6.30 pm

Place: Passage de la Monnaie

On Saturday, November 12 there will be an information stand in the central flee market of Geneva. Flyering and awareness raising will take place throughout the afternoon.

On Tuesday, November 15th, there is a public meeting with testimonies from the 17th Swiss Civil Mission to Palestine. They will focus on the ongoing construction of the Apartheid Wall and the impacts of closure and ghettoization.

Time: 8:00 pm
Place: Geneva, Maison des Associations, salle Gandhi

Click here for further details on all Swiss events

United States

November 9 and 10th:

I Nebraska a meeting of around fifteen state-wide church and community leaders aims to challenge high-ranking US Senators and Congressmen. The meeting will focus on ending occupation in Palestine, and the Wall in particular.

November 13th:

In Lincoln, Nebraska there will be a`community meeting organized by Friends of Palestine featuring a lecture on the Wall.

November 13th:

Nebraskans for Peace and Al-Awda holds a community dinner in Omaha. Speakers will highlight the struggle against the Apartheid Wall.

November 14-15th:

A series of lectures on the Occupation of Palestine and the war on Iraq are to be held at a number of Omaha-based universities and schools.

November 19th:

In San Diego, Al-Awda and the local chapter of the National Council of Arab Americans are organizing a concert with the group of from Ibda’as (youth centers) from Bethlehem, that will give space to highlight the struggle against the Wall.

Click here for further details on all US events


The PSC UK is planning an action with the BIG (Boycott Israeli Goods) Initiative. They are coordinating an awareness-raising event in the centre of London for the 12th of November

Click here for further details


The Birmingham PSC calls for a gathering to assemble a model caterpillar and then head off to picket different shoe shops in the city centre. Consumers are asked to boycott caterpillar and shop owners to de-shelve the products.
Date: November 12th
Time:12:30 am-3:30 pm
Place: outside Carr’s lane church

The West London PSC will hold a Public Meeting under the title “Sanctions against Israel – The EU should
lead the way”

Date: 10th November 2005

Time: 8pm (doors open 7.30)

Place: St Michael and All Angels Parish Hall

Speakers: Caroline Lucas, Green Party
MEP and Christabel Gurney, former Editor of Anti-Apartheid News.

Click here for further details

Meanwhile, On Wednesday, 9th November 2005 The
London School of Economics Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Society will host a meeting ‘Stop the Wall’ with speakers followed by discussion.

in room G108, 20 Kingsway (opposite the Peacock Theatre), nearest tube Holborn, London.

Click here for further details

Also, the 10th November the regular weekly picket
of Marks and Spencer by the Victory to the Intifada group will be inviting speakers to talk about the Wall to both the picketers and the people on Oxford Street. There will be visual and vocal solidarity with the Palestinian people with particular focus on the struggle against the Apartheid Wall.

6-8pm Marks and Spencer, Oxford Street (Marble Arch end), London.

Click here for further details

In Newcastle, activists of the Victory to the Intifada North East and Tyneside Palestine Solidarity Campaign will use a colourful mock Wall made of fabric and garden canes to stage a protest outside and inside various shops which are complicit in support for Israeli Apartheid. Passers-by will have to pass through a check point in the wall where they will be given fake ID cards with information about the Apartheid Wall on the back of them.

Time: 11:30am

Date: Saturday, 12th of November

Place: Marks and Spencer, Northumberland Street

Click here for further details


Taking up the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions and an end to international complicity with Israeli Apartheid, Venezuelan activists in Caracas are organizing a whole week of information, protests and workshops.

Click here for further details

November 9-15,
From 3 pm every day: Film screenings on
Palestine in the Centro Endَgeno de Nuevo Circo, Tiuna El
Fuerte, Universidad Bolivariana, COTRAIN, Bellas Artes.

Wednesday 9,
10:00 am Inauguration: Government Palace (in front of Plaza Bolivar): “Understanding the Conflict”

Thursday 10,
10:00am Conference: Government Palace: “Attempts towards the progressive elimination of Palestine”.

Friday 11,
10:00 am Conference

Saturday 12,
From 3:00 pm in Bellas Artes: Meeting: Palestine talks to Venezuela

Sunday 13,
From 3:00 pm Gathering in Bellas Artes: Protest against the Apartheid Wall in
solidarity with Palestine: Venezuela talks to Palestine.

Monday 14,
9:30 am: Bolivarian University: Reasons for the creation of the Palestinian State.
2:00 pm: Workshops: Bolivarian University.

Tuesday 15,
9:30 am: Bolivarian University: Reason that de-legitimize the state of Israel.
2:00 pm: Workshops: Bolivarian University.

Wednesday 16,
2:30 pm: Bolivar Square in Caracas: Closing Session and Mobilization at Miraflores to
promote/publicize the conclusions and proposals.