International Actions Mark Week Against Apartheid Wall
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International Actions Mark Week Against Apartheid Wall

Actions against the Apartheid Wall – activities in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle – have taken place across the globe. Activists and campaigners have undertaken numerous awareness raising and direct action protests. All of them were united by the call to Tear Down The Wall Now!

South Koreans Stage Street Protests

Campaigners in Seoul held two events during the week against the Wall, with a demonstration outside the Occupation’s embassy and a lively street activity in the downtown area. Music, art, educational resources and a rally ensured that the Occupation’s crimes could be seen in the streets of Seoul.



Canary Islanders Plant Seeds of Solidarity

Campaigners in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) held a solidarity activity with Palestine during the week against the Wall and planted a symbolic olive tree on the summit of the Montaña de Arucas. One of the most popular places to visit in Gran Canaria, the tree will grow beside a stone plaque that reads “Palestine is alive in The Canaries”.

Regional and local political leaders and Rotary Club members chaired the ceremony and expressed their solidarity with the struggle raising the Palestinian flag. The media in Canary Islands has been, as usual, receptive to the Palestinian cause. Different members of the Palestinian Diaspora community have been requested to explain the Occupation and the dramatic consequences the Apartheid Wall has on the Palestinian people and their struggle. Islanders denounced the ongoing Apartheid system that the Occupation Forces impose on Palestine and the complicity of European Governments who are unwilling to force Israel to observe international laws.

Swiss activism brings the Wall to the streets of Geneva!

The Swiss activists of the Collectif Urgence Palestine have ensured the ghettoization of the Palestinians is not overlooked by the people of Geneva.

A dramatic street theatre, staged in downtown Geneva, reflected the reality Palestinians face in their daily challenge to resist the Aparthied Wall and the military Occupation. The StopTheWall Campaign powerpoint presentation was presented to the public on the streets of Geneva, with the mere images of the Wall leaving bypassers shocked. An open-air exhibit was also on hand to provide further information to the public.

The action days in Geneva are still continuing with other information points and actions to take place throughout the week.



Danish activists support sanctions against Israel!

The Riv Muren Ned (Denmark) held a Tear Down the Wall! protest day in Copenhagen on November 10, 2005 responding to the Palestinian call for the 3rd National and International Week against the Apartheid Wall.

A symbolic Wall was set up in the center of Copenhagen, covered with photos, posters, maps and information materials. The activists invited by-passers to place their “bloody handprint” on the Wall in protest. Known personalities such as Mogens Lykketoft, former Foreign Minister and President of the Social Democratic party, and other parliamentarians such as Majbritt Berlau, joined artists, intellectuals, union activists at the protest by signing with their hands on the Wall symbolizing their support to the Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall. Musical performances attracted the attention of the people and made the event and its message ”Tear Down the Wall – Sanctions against Israel!” resonate through the streets of Copenhagen.



Dutch Maintain efforts!

In Amsterdam, activists continued a week of awareness raising activites on the Apartheid Wall. These pictures arrived from activities on the 12th of November.



Reports of activities are beginning to arrive. The week, which runs from the 9th of November has seen a surge of resistance activity across Palestine. Earlier in the week shopworkers of a popular food and grocery shop in Sheffield backed the popular Palestinian call for boycotts, sanctions and divestment against Israel. Their efforts form a precedent for outlets, shops and retailers across the globe to halt support for Israeli Apartheid and crimes.