Abood resists Apartheid Wall and breaks down Occupation Blockades
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Abood resists Apartheid Wall and breaks down Occupation Blockades

Hundreds of Palestinians from the village of Abood marched on Friday November 18th from the village council building to their threatened lands towards the west of the village. Protesters gathered at 10:00 am and set off from the centre of the villagers to the areas where Occupation bulldozers have begun construction of the Apartheid Wall.

As the villagers arrived, large numbers of Occupation Forces rushed to the area. Undeterred villagers held prayers on the lands and speeches followed by representatives such as Tayseer Tamimi and Petchop Hanna Attalla who made passionate calls denouncing the racist policies of Occupation including the Apartheid Wall. They also called the international community to take steps toward ending Occupation and end the Zionist attack over Palestinian lands including Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Demonstrators vowed their own steps against the Wall would continue, and after the speeches, marched towards the bulldozers engaged in the daily destruction of Abood’s lands. Occupation Forces attacked the villagers, firing upon the crowd with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. The determination of villagers saw an Occupation blockade dismantled in their resilience to the Occupation project. Several demonstrators were injured and rushed to Ramallah hospital.

Abood, in northwest Ramallah, faces the same destruction and ghettoization as experienced by other Palestinians where the Wall has already been built. The Wall will surround Abood from three directions. In total 12Km of it will snake around the village, shutting villagers out from their lands. The village will lose 5830 dunums because of their isolation behind the Wall. These lands will join the 1450 dunums of land confiscated in the 1980s to expand the Ofraim and Beit Areh colonies. Meanwhile, villagers asserted they would escalate resistance as long as the Occupation continues with its project to ghettoize villagers and towns with the Apartheid Wall and settlement expansion.