European Activists support Palestinian call to “Tear Down This Wall” during week of Action
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European Activists support Palestinian call to “Tear Down This Wall” during week of Action

Barcelona protests Sharon visit as Spanish activists urge solidarity with the Palestinian people!

Activists took to the streets across Spain during the week against the Apartheid Wall and as War Criminal Sharon visited Barcelona. A number of awareness raising events called for effective solidarity with the Palestinian people against their ghettoization. Mobilizing in all the major cities ensured that representatives of the Occupation are no longer welcome in Spain.

In Valencia, during the week against the Apartheid Wall, activists from Palestine Lliure installed a photo exhibit in the city’s University. To close the week, Xarxa de Solidaritat amb Palestina and Palestine Lliure held a rally against the Apartheid Wall in the city center.

In Valoloid, 4 days of activities including exhibits, conferences and street actions. In Zaragoza a film screening and series of debates were held, and leaflets distributed to commuters and the community in the city center.

In Barcelona, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign focused their actions at the 10-year anniversary of the “Barcelona process”. Protests came ten years after the start of a process that had as its aim the expansion of the EU into the south-east of the Mediterranean which included the normalization of ties between Arab countries and Israel on its agenda.

The activists successfully raised awareness and gained support within the wider movement of anti-globalization activists through initiatives such as a critical mass bike protest, demonstrations and debates. Reiterating the call for a comprehensive boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, the activists staged protests against the presence of War Criminal Sharon on a visit to the city. This action comes at a vital time in the anti-normalization movements and making it clear that there can be no economic or political relations with a Zionist regime.


French activists take to streets against Apartheid Wall and complicity of European governments!

Almost 30 different actions have been staged in France by the AFPS and other solidarity organizations. Widespread awareness raising in almost all major cities reminded the French public of the ongoing Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people, while regional demonstrations, sit-ins, information stands, video screeenings, debates and conferences took place across the country. Intellectuals, artists, politicians and campaigners stood up against the Apartheid Wall to mark the week against the Wall.

On the 10th of November, the AFPS in Pays de Cornouaille blocked a road in Quimper with a mock Apartheid Wall and distributed flyers calling for the boycott of Israeli goods.
In Orleans, Palestine 45 staged a protest on Saturday the 12th and launched a motion to the local council to condemn the Wall.

In Paris, the General Union of Palestinian Students erected a wall of 2.5m at the Beaubourg. A photo exhibition, music and artistic performances along with palestinian refreshments were on the other side of the Wall – reachable only after people had gone through a mock checkpoint. Meanwhile, five different universities in Paris students mobilized against the Apartheid Wall and organized conferences in their respective faculties.

From North to South, Italy echoes Campaign call to isolate Israel!

During the week against the Apartheid Wall, numerous initiatives across the country were held to highlight support of the Palestinian struggle against the Apartheid Wall and Israeli colonization.

In Rome, a huge concert against the Wall was staged on Saturday 12th. The crowd listened and cheered to the songs in support for Palestinian liberation struggle. The following day a public debate on the current situation, the Palestinian prisoners and on furthering solidarity was widely attended.

In Bologna a whole week of activities took place, in Florence film screenings against the Wall were held and in other places, such as Mesagne, local demonstrations ensured that the Wall in Palestine reached the streets and reminded the population and Italian decision makers of their responsibilities to the Palestinian struggle.

Maintaining the efforts for awareness raising, ensuring that the call for BDS is rooted within the minds of the organizations and people, forms an important message to the Italian political forces that after almost 50 years of support to the Palestinian call for liberation are turning their backs to the calls from Palestine in favour of new trade and military agreements with the Occupation.