The people in Ramallah district rise up against the Apartheid Wall!
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The people in Ramallah district rise up against the Apartheid Wall!

Hundreds of people demonstrated yesterday in 3 Ramallah district villages on their land, which is being uprooted by Israeli bulldozers. The people continued their struggle against the Apartheid Wall which threatens their land and their very existence.

In Bil’in (West Ramallah), tens of people joined the weekly demonstration organized by popular and national committees in the village. The demonstration gathered at noon and attempted to approach the area where the bulldozers worked. At that time, the occupation forces attacked them with sticks, tear gas and rubber bullets. A number of people were hurt by the tear gas and sustained injuries from the beatings and shootings. Among the wounded are: Sameer Burnat, Riziq Issa, and a ten-year old child, Tareq Abu Rahma. Adeeb Abu Rahma was also wounded when soldiers arrested him and beat him for hours while in detention.

In Aboud, hundreds of people marched from the village council into their surrounding land, protesting the Wall and demanding application of the ICJ ruling. Occupation forces circled the area, closing it off with sand blocks and barbed wire and completely obstructing villagers’ passage to their land. This caused clashes between the soldiers and the villagers defending their lands. The soldiers used sticks and sound bombs to disperse them. The people of Aboud have sustained a number of injuries and have been attacked numerous times by Occupation forces during their continued popular resistance against the Wall. Aboud will not be scared by Occupation bullets and is determined to continue its demonstrations, the next of which will be held on Sunday, 11/12/2005. National and religious representatives will attend.

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In Al Jeeb, hundreds of people protested alongside their national representatives on their land, which the Israeli bulldozers start uprooting last week. They prayed and made speeches against the Wall and Israeli apartheid, which forces Palestinians off their land and annexes it. The Wall in Al Jeeb destroyed 400-450 dunams for its infrastructure. It will completely imprison Al Jeeb and cut off access to it, leaving only one exit at the North-east side to Be’er Nabala. It is also planned to allow the Occupation to steal more than 2,000 dunams of rich agricultural land, which is planted with olive trees, almonds, grape vines, and other food sources vital to the economy and sustenance of Al Jeeb villagers.

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