Kifl Hares Youth Act Against the Occupation and Apartheid Wall
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Kifl Hares Youth Act Against the Occupation and Apartheid Wall

High school students of Kifl Hares, in the Salfit district, have formed a youth group within their villages to strengthen popular resistance against the Apartheid Wall and the ghettoization of the Palestinian people.

On Wednesday, December 14th, the 14- to 16-year old students of the village organized a public meeting with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. Some 50 youth listened to explanations regarding facts on the ground, and then discussed possible strategies of resistance, the obstacles to Palestinian resistance (created by the Occupation and its related mechanisms of power and dependence), and ways in which young people can strengthen the struggle against the Wall and Occupation in Kifl Hares and throughout Palestine.

Kifl Hares will lose part of its lands to the Apartheid Wall to create a section called the “Ariel Finger”. Kifl Hares will be further isolated by additional fencing that cuts it and surrounding villages off from their main road – now restricted as a Jewish-only apartheid road. Since 1967, 4,000 dunams (40,000 square meters) have been stolen in Kifl Hares alone. The entire district of Salfit has suffered from both large scale land expropriation for settlements during the Oslo period as well as from the resulting dependency for many citizens on underpaid, demeaning jobs in the settlement industrial zones, which has dangerous socio-economic consequences for Palestinians.

From the various types of resistance they discussed, the newly formed youth group decided to launch a boycott campaign on Israeli products within their village and school to assert the call for Palestinian independence and liberation from Zionist occupation and oppression.