The Wall in a Week – The Occupation attempt to Annihilate Palestinian Past, Present and Future
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The Wall in a Week – The Occupation attempt to Annihilate Palestinian Past, Present and Future

The Occupation nears closer to complete ghettoization of Palestinians. This week, land confiscation and house demolitions have continued to destroy Palestinian homes and livelihoods while expansion of the settlements has increased to swallow and colonize Palestinian lands. Judaization of Palestine does not stop even in front of centuries-old Palestinian graveyards. Israeli Apartheid attempts to annihilate Palestinian past, present and future.

Settlement Expansion Tightens Ghettoization

• In West Beit Jala, the Occupation forces have started to uproot the first dunams of land to prepare Wall construction and Har Gilo settlement expansion, which will isolate the city from Jerusalem and steal most of its land. A total of 345 dunams of land planted with olive trees and almonds is slated for destruction by the Wall. 50 olive trees have so far been destroyed. Works are stopped at the moment but it is feared they will soon continue.

• In Kufr Thulth, a settlement established in 2001 on the Eastern lands of the village, is expanding its land theft. Settlers this week took over an additional 110 dunams of village land. Armed and with their tractors, they impose their colonization.

• In Bil`in, the expansion of Modi`in Illit settlement in the part of village land isolated behind the Wall is underway. An additional 750 housing units are being built in the settlement, ensuring that the isolated Palestinian lands will be destroyed under the cement of the colonizers.

Confiscation of Lands and Livelihoods

• In East Hebron, the Occupation forces have dispatched new confiscation orders. 1,355 dunams will be confiscated, including 18 water wells on which the area depends in their daily life. This new land theft is preparing the construction of the Wall in East Hebron district. It will run through the lands of Imneizel, Khasm al Karm and Arab Najada. Alone this section of the Wall will isolate 3000 dunums of land. This means the loss of grazing land for 70,000 goats. Including these confiscation orders, the amount of land confiscated in Hebron district only since 2004 rises to 30,000 dunams.

Destruction of Land, Homes and Graveyards

• In Jerusalem, Occupation Forces began to destroy a sacred graveyard containing remains which are hundreds of centuries old. Maman Allah is the biggest Muslim graveyard in Jerusalem and is located in the western part of the city, 2 km away from Khalili Gate. The destruction of the holy site is part of Jerusalem’s Judaization and will be followed by the construction of a new Zionist museum in its place.

• In Beit Suriq, the occupation bulldozers uprooted 200 olive trees on the land of Ali Misrawi. 80 of the trees were deliberately cut to pieces by chainsaws to ensure the family is not able to plant them anywhere else. Ali Misrawi`s land extends over 13 dunams and is located 100 m behind the planned Wall`s path. Some 500 m away from the spot, in East Beit Suriq, the Occupation recently uprooted a number of other trees. Beit Suriq will share a hellish ghetto with 12 other villages, deprived of their lands and with only one access to the outside world.

• In Jabl al-Mukaber (Jerusalem), the Occupation military destroyed Ahmed Husain Abu Ibrahim`s building. From the destruction of these three flats, 30 people lost their homes. Part of the Judaization policies in Jerusalem is the fact that the Occupation does not give building permits to Palestinians and thus destroys their homes according to their plans of ethnic cleansing.

• In al-Awja village of Jordan Valley, all shop owners in the market along the main street received orders to clear their shops. The Occupation plans to assure complete control over the road, as part of their intent to block access to the Jordan Valley for the Palestinian population.


Popular Resistance Against the Apartheid Wall and Ghettoization.

• People continue their struggle against the wall in Aboud and Bil`in, where dozens of villagers marched to their land.

• In Bardala, hundreds of farmers demonstrated against their isolation and the destruction of their agriculture. The check-point from Bardala in the Jordan Valley to the Palestinian city Beisan on the other side of the Green Line has been closed since last month.