Controversy Erupts at World Economic Forum over Call to Boycott Apartheid Israel
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Controversy Erupts at World Economic Forum over Call to Boycott Apartheid Israel

Palestinian activists have scored a major coup in the campaign to isolate Apartheid Israel and managed to publish an article calling on the world to boycott Israel in the Global Agenda, one of the major journals of the World Economic Forum (WEF). All of the participants in the latest meeting of the global capitalist elite received copies of the journal containing this article.

The article reviews the history of Zionism and the role of the American media in concealing and enabling the crimes perpetrated by the Zionist regime. The article ends by referring to the Palestinian Civil Society Call for Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions against Israel and by proposing “that global civil society take this call seriously and build a coalition open to all people for a global Movement Against Zionism or a global Movement AgainstIsraeli Apartheid.”

Perhaps more important than the publication of the original article, however, was the uproar that followed. Zionists around the world demanded that the editors of newspapers and journals employ more vigilance in censoring the voices of Palestinians and their supporters. The scandal became major news and was reported in a number of mainstream newspapers, including the New York Times and Business Week. Unintentionally, these newspapers magnified the voice of resistance and disseminated around the world our call for a global movement to isolate Apartheid Israel.

But the true scandal remains the censorship that is employed by the mainstream media against the Palestinian people and their struggle for justice. The mainstream press reported the event with a spin, explaining that the editors of Global Agenda had made a terrible mistake by allowing the article to be published. The censorship that followed – and the censorship that happens everyday – went unquestioned. Still, the Palestinian struggle scored a small but important victory through the publication of the article and the hype that resulted.

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