Land Confiscations Hit Village of Tura
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Land Confiscations Hit Village of Tura

Occupation Forces have delivered fresh confiscation orders in the village of Tura (West Jenin) for the construction of a new military base. Aiming to control the lives of Palestinians, launch attacks on their communities and steal their lands, the military base will be built on Palestinian land already isolated by the Apartheid Wall, sealing their ghettoization.

Confiscation orders were given for 2 dunums and 480 square meters of the village lands behind the Apartheid Wall. However, the area that will be devastated and inaccessible for its owners will comprise a total of 80 dunums of land. This land grew the olive trees that sustained the livelihoods of its Palestinian owners.

While the Occupation confiscated less than 3 dunums to build the military zone, already last October uprooting and destruction in preparation for the army base has devastated 30 dunums. All permits given to the farmers of the village to use the gates of the Apartheid Wall have been withdrawn. Cultivation for this years crops has ended, leaving Palestinian livelihoods facing an impending disaster.

The Occupation finished the first phase of the Wall in this area, bringing its gates, watch towers, razor wire and surveillance cameras in July 2003. It is actively seizing the best lands and water resources in Jenin and Tulkarem districts trapped behind the Wall. In total 53,895 dunums are now isolated behind the Apartheid Wall and 23 gates in the two districts ensure complete control and daily harassment for farming communities.

Over the last few weeks, the Occupation has reinforced its military procedures at gates across Tulkarem and Jenin districts, cutting farmers off from their livelihoods and undermining Palestinian agricultural activity. In Jenin district, the oppressive “permit system” imposed on the farmers by the Occupation has resulted in only 20 permits distributed amongst 700 farmers who own land isolated behind the Wall. It reflects, along with the military base, the permanent theft of Palestinian land by the project of the Apartheid Wall.