The Trail of Violence and Destruction: Large scale demolition in East Qalqiliya
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The Trail of Violence and Destruction: Large scale demolition in East Qalqiliya

***image2***A children’s playground and a number of Palestinian homes were demolished on Wednesday the 22nd of February as Occupation Forces went on the rampage throughout East Qalqiliya. At 9 am Occupation bulldozers and soldiers entered the village and imposed a curfew as they razed, flattened and destroyed. Many other homes and buildings are to be crushed under the Occupation bulldozers.

Under the pretext of lacking “permission” a tactic frequently used to destroy Palestinian homes and buildings – Occupation Forces arrived in east Qalqiliya at 9 am. They placed a curfew on the entire northern part of Azzun village in Qalqiliya, barring all movement in the area. Bulldozers then went on the rampage, demolishing a new childrenbs play centre and several houses.

The playground was built on 7.5 dunums of land and included swimming pools and playing areas for children. The Occupation gave building permits for only half of the playground, but the community defied the military imposition and built the entire centre on their lands. In a few days the playground was due to have been inaugurated. It would have allowed the children of the village – currently living under siege from the Apartheid Wall and Occupation – to find moments of space and joy in their lives away from the Occupation which robs them of their childhood.

Meanwhile, in the nearby village of Funduq, Occupation bulldozers demolished the house of Hamuda Mheisen. The bpermitb tactic was used once again as the structure of the house on 300 square meters on land was completely destroyed. After having declared the Western part of Funduq a closed military area, the bulldozers began to demolish.

Occupation Forces then continued their trail of violence in the neighboring village of Jinsafut and demolished a building belonging to Tawfeeq Galeb Basher. A huge campaign against Palestinian villages throughout East Qalqiliya has been planned by Occupation Forces who have distributed approximately 62 demolition orders in Hajja Funduq and Jinsafut villages. This will allow the settlement blocs of Qedumim and Qarne Shomron further expansion and continue the ghettoization of Palestinians.