In the 30th memorial of Land Day: Strengthening our popular resistance to hold on to our Lands and destroy the Apartheid Wall
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In the 30th memorial of Land Day: Strengthening our popular resistance to hold on to our Lands and destroy the Apartheid Wall

This year’s memorial comes at a critical time. The racist Occupation’s attacks on our people are intensifying dramatically. Their policies – closures, assassinations, house demolitions, construction of the Apartheid Wall and its associated network of by-pass roads and tunnels, annexation of the Jordan Valley, and the judaization of Jerusalem – aim to bring us to our knees, to remove the future in front us.

On this Land Day, we pronounce our steadfastness for liberation and that our deep-rooted presence in Palestine will never be severed. Our sacrifices will never be forgotten, our aim for freedom never compromised. Our unity and popular resistance will strengthen to protect our lands and to tear down the Apartheid Wall. The challenges we face demand us to confront the Occupation with even stronger solidarity and force, to crack and break the Zionist dream of Palestine without Palestinians. The Campaign believes that this path is in the hands of our people, to mobilize in the streets, to activate different methods of resistance, including the national boycott campaign against the Occupation and its products.

List of Demonstrations or Actions planned in the West Bank
(all on the 30th of March unless noted)

Aboud (Ramallah district):
Demonstration will leave from the village centre to the areas destroyed by the Apartheid Wall.

Beit Sira (Ramallah district):
At 12 am a district demonstration organized by a number of groups will leave from the municipality towards the village’s destroyed lands. Olive trees will be planted as a symbol of defiance and resistance against the Occupation’s destruction of Palestinian lands and agriculture.
Buses from Ramallah (al-Manara will leave at 10:30 am)

A demonstration will move from the municipality of Bethlehem to the Apartheid Wall surrounding the city.

Bil’in (Ramallah district):
On Friday 31st, a demonstration will march to the site of the current Occupation construction and protest the destruction caused by the Wall.

Budrus (Ramallah district):
A demonstration will march to the lands destroyed by the Wall. Olive trees will be planted as symbols of the villagers determination to continue resistance against the Occupation and the Wall.

From the 27th to 31st of May, 5 days of activities and protests, including an exhibit, workshops, movie screenings and the publication of a booklet on Land Day, will culminate in a district wide demonstration on Land Day.

Jayyous (Qalqiliya district):
Women’s groups from the village are mobilizing for a demonstration at 10 am. Supported by the municipality authority, they plan on marching to the ghetto gate north of the village and challenging the isolation of the village lands which lie behind the Apartheid Wall.

A demonstration will march from the city to the devastated lands and, in a symbolic action revealing determination to resist the dispossession, olive trees will be planted on their lands.

After midday prayers, the students of the University of Jericho will march to lands under threat of confiscation. Strengthening the people’s resistance against the annexation of the Jordan Valley, the students will challenge the Zionist plans for settlement expansion throughout the area.

Kifl Hares (Salfit district):
A demonstration will march to the gate that ghettoizes the people of the village.

Marda (Salfit district):
The demonstration will meet in the centre of the village to protest the village’s imprisonment between the Ariel colony and the settler-roads and Apartheid infrastructure.

Villagers will hold a sit-in on their destroyed lands and re-cultivate some of their crops.

Rafat (Salfit district):
A demonstration will gather in the centre of the village and march to the Wall construction site where Sami Ajash’s house is slated to be demolished by the Occupation. The march will end in a protest in front of the house.

At 12 am a demonstration will leave from the municipality to the checkpoint of Jbara that strangles life in the city.

Zabda (Jenin district):
Villagers will march to the gate that shuts Palestinians off from their lands behind the Wall, ghettoising their village.

On this 30th memorial of Land Day, and the 4th memorial of the beginning the Apartheid Wall, we honour all of our martyrs who fell trying to defend our land and our dignity. This spirit reflects the strength of our will and determination to defend our rights for an independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital and our refugees returned home.

Long live the Palestinian struggle
Remember Land Day as we stay steadfast to our Land
Resist the Wall until it Falls