Communities in South Yatta – Between Walls and Demolition
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Communities in South Yatta – Between Walls and Demolition

New demolition orders in south Yatta district are continuing the Occupation measures to drive Palestinians out of the area. Last week, farmers from al Ta’lah (west of Arab Zuweidin) received demolition orders for four houses in the community, in order to make way for a Wall to fortify the settler-road. With the addition of the Apartheid Wall currently under construction in the area, Palestinians throughout south Yatta will be completely sealed in.

The orders were signed on the 2nd of April, but were only presented to the people at the beginning of May. If implemented the demolition of 4 houses will render some 25 people homeless (almost half the population of this small community).

The settler road (n.317) was built close to the Palestinian constructions during the 1990s. Now that the road is to be fortified by a Wall, al Ta’lah’s houses are to be destroyed to make way for the Apartheid infrastructure of the settlers. Moreover, the village will suffer the effect of being sealed between Walls, as the Apartheid Wall gets ever closer to completion in the district.

The first Occupation plans showed the Apartheid Wall was to run along the road settler road (n. 317), isolating more than a dozen communities. In a “generous decision”, the Wall was moved towards the south and currently half of it has been constructed. However, the construction of another Wall along the route of the settler road spells even further disaster for Palestinian communities already struggling under ghettoization. Between walls, Palestinians in south of Yatta villages (see map below) will be completely stuck between the cement and razor wires of the Occupation. Life will become increasingly unbearable, shut off from the local towns and basic services.

From Imneizil to al Tala’, all along the settler-only road, land is being destroyed and houses are set to be demolished. Villagers have started strong resistance against their isolation, already staging several demonstrations. On April 22nd a demonstration organized by the people was brutally attacked by Occupation Forces. In hours of clashes between the Occupation and the farmers claiming their lands, many were injured and two Palestinians arrested. Until today, Ghanem and Hafez Khreini, are still detained in the Occupation’s prisons.