Tuwani: Villagers repel attacks of Occupation Forces
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Tuwani: Villagers repel attacks of Occupation Forces

Around 70 people from Tuwani in Hebron demonstrated and resisted a violent attack from Occupation Forces on Saturday the 22nd of April. Protesting the uprooting of their lands – and the isolation of their area from the rest of the West Bank -Palestinians repelled the violent attacks of Soldiers but incurred serious injuries to many villagers.

***image4***Tuwani, in the south of Hebron district is to be encircled by two walls. After the latest “modifications” of the Wall’s path, one wall will run to the south of the area while another wall is to be built to fortify the settler road to the north of the village that leads to the Jordan Valley. Last year, Occupation Forces started the destruction of Palestinian lands for the Wall along the settler road in Imneizel. They have now reached the Tuwani area.

The village council of Tuwani mobilized the demonstration against the Wall project, which will see the community isolated from the nearby town of Yatta, and cut off from access to basic economic and social services. Starting from the village at 11 am, protestors marched towards the road and uprooted lands. A large contingent of Occupation Forces gathered to clamp down on the protest, sparking clashes.

As soon as the march reached the area, Soldiers declared it a closed military zone. They barred people from reaching the road and gave 15 minutes to vacate the area. Palestinians defied the orders and remained steadfast to their lands. Soldiers initiated violent attacks against the people, using sticks and their guns to beat people.

Many villagers were injured as Palestinians remained rooted to their lands for over an hour. Occupation Forces were indiscriminate in the brutal attacks. A 70-year-old woman, Hajje Fatme Hadar, was injured in her leg and later rushed to hospital. Saber Khreini (50 years old) was injured in his arm and also hospitalized. The brothers Ghanem and Hafez Khreini (30 and 34 years old) were injured and subsequently arrested. The Occupation claims they hit a soldier.

Tuwani is home to over 300 people. The village is part of the Masafir Yatta area, a grazing and farming area south of Yatta town. The Wall along the settler-only road will run from Shim’a until Karmel settlement. Some 1200 people living in the area comprising 48,000 dunums will be completely isolated from their town.