London Protesters Rally for Free Palestine
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London Protesters Rally for Free Palestine

Twenty-thousand people rallied in London’s Trafalgar Square on May the 22nd for a Free Palestine. Protestors converged in Trafalgar Square where speakers condemned the British government’s refusal to recognize Palestinian democracy and its complicity with the Occupation’s attempt to starve the Palestinian people via an economic blockade. Calls and cheers were made for the isolation of Apartheid Israel as a means to strengthen solidarity with Palestinians under Occupation.

The annual demonstration in support of Palestine, organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and large coalition of pro-Palestinian and social justice organizations, began with a march through central London. A sea of flags and banners filled the streets while activists carried a replica of the Apartheid Wall. The crowd of 20,000 poured into Trafalgar Square. Amongst the speakers were MPs, solidarity activists and community leaders. Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas called for UN sanctions against Israel, echoing the demands of the Palestinian people who have called for all measures necessary to isolate Apartheid Israel. She also highlighted the immediate danger to 600 Palestinians starved of the medicines they require, denied access via the Occupation’s blockade of the Palestinian people. Speakers condemned the complicity of the British government with this blockade, a punishment against the Palestinian people for carrying out elections.

Fathi Khidarat, representing the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, remarked on the current isolation of the Jordan Valley and the expansion of the settlements there. He outlined the measures taken by the Occupation to expel all Palestinian presence in this fertile and strategically important part of the West Bank.