Scotland-wide Boycott Day Against Disney’s support for the Occupation
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Scotland-wide Boycott Day Against Disney’s support for the Occupation

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched a Boycott Day on Saturday, 27th of May. From 12-4pm, in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee, activists protested against Disney’s investments in Apartheid Israel.

The Disney Corporation through its subsidiary group Shamrock plans to invest $100 million in the racist Apartheid state of Israel. This is over and above the $500 million they have already invested over the previous 18 years. Disney’s Shamrock invests in the Orad Group, an Israeli firm that provides military electronic monitoring of Israel’s illegal Apartheid Wall. It has already invested $141 million in Tadiran, 90% of whose business is equipment for the Israeli military. All this money will be used to help Israel continue its policies of colonization, land theft and slow ethnic cleansing.

The Scottish PSC has thus called for a consumer boycott of Disney shops in order to raise awareness about Disney’s complicity with the racist colonization of Palestine. Pickets in three main cities of the region have alerted passers-by and clients about their responsibility not to give their money to those who fund apartheid and occupation. Boycott stickers are available.

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