The Occupation destroys 15 buildings in the Jordan Valley in one day
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The Occupation destroys 15 buildings in the Jordan Valley in one day

***image2***The Occupation is enacting a series of house demolitions in communities all over the Jordan Valley and is completely depriving a whole community of water access. Together with the isolation of the Valley and the newly enforced “permit system”, the destruction of homes and buildings forms a clear policy to rid the Valley from the Palestinian people.

On Monday, 5th of June, the Occupation forces attacked Shuneh area, in the north of Jiftlik, to demolish one home with three rooms and three sheds used to raise animals.
In Zbeidat, the bulldozers demolished six sheds for cattle.

In Frush Beit Dajan, two sheds, one to raise animals and one for packaging agricultural produce, were demolished. The Occupation further destroyed the home of Hussain Muhammad Hassan. The denial of building permits in the Jordan Valley had forced him to renovate and transform an old bus into a home where he could live. Occupation forces destroyed even this residence.

In ‘Atouf, in the eastern part of Sahel Libqeye, soldiers demolished two houses, leaving 25 people with nothing but the rubble of their homes. One belonged to Baqr ‘Izzat Yousef. The 10 members of his family were living in an 80 m2 space. Another of the same size housed Abdel Hamid Abdel Karim Bani Odeh and the 15 members of his family.

From the beginning of the year, the Occupation has already demolished 11 houses in ‘Atouf while at least another 3 are awaiting demolition. The shepherds’ families living in the eastern part of ‘Atouf, east of Road 90, have been without any water for three days now, including domestic and agricultural use. The Occupation is barring trucks with water tanks from reaching them.

The continuous attacks on Palestinian lives are slowly destroying every basis for living in the area. The destruction of livelihoods, forced collapse of agricultural trade via checkpoint closures and house demolitions are Zionist methods to cleanse the Valley from its Palestinian inhabitants.