New Land confiscations in Tulkarem and Qalqiliya: Squeezing Palestinians in the Ghettos
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New Land confiscations in Tulkarem and Qalqiliya: Squeezing Palestinians in the Ghettos

Occupation Forces have initiated fresh land confiscation in the latest series of modifications for the path of the Apartheid Wall. These latest changes in Tulkarem and Qalqiliya aim to ensure that more Palestinians are imprisoned within the ghettos of the West Bank.

In Tulkarem Occupation Soldiers handed out confiscation orders for 587 dunums of land planted with almonds and olive trees. The dispossession will hit Palestinian farmers from Fira’un, Iras and Taybeh. All of the lands are already isolated west of the Wall and farmers have been continually impeded from reaching them. One gate has been built within the Wall in the area, however, except for a short period after its installation, the gate has been continuously closed.

People in the area claim the confiscations are to prepare the new path of the wall. In the area, south of Tulkarem, Jubara village had been so far isolated between the Wall and the Green Line. Now, the Occupation has decided that including Jubara in the Palestinian ghettos to the east will suit their racist ideology of a Jewish majority. This will mean new destruction of lands which villagers are determined to challenge.

Coming at the same time Occupation Forces distributed confiscation orders for 895 dunums of land in Qalqiliya. With these orders, 113 Palestinian families will lose their lands in Azoun, Hable, Ras Atiyeh, Wadi al Rasha. The land is planted with vegetables. These confiscations also form part of the latest racist modifications for the Wall around Alfe Menasheh.

The Wall in Alfe Menasheh was completed in 2004. However, like in Tulkarem district Palestinian villages had been isolated on the West of the Wall and next to a settlement which is benefiting from the stolen Palestinian land. Arab Abu Fardeh, Arab al Ramadin and Ras Tireh are now to be integrated within the eastern ghettos in this new version of the Wall.

These new modification in the Wall are part of the general Zionist efforts to finalize and fully optimise their racism. The aim is to ensure that Palestinians are squeezed into the least amount of land to encourage their exile whilst denying them human rights and access to livelihoods and basic services. Assuring Jewish colonizers a more stable demographic majority, it is hoped, will thus enable the “Jewish state” to keep up the masquerade of “democracy” to hide the real nature of the Zionist apartheid regime.