Apartheid Wall Construction Sites the target of popular protests as Palestinians unite
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Apartheid Wall Construction Sites the target of popular protests as Palestinians unite

***image2***On Friday June 24, Popular Committees against the Apartheid Wall united with Palestinian political forces to continue the struggle against the Wall in a number of demonstrations across the West Bank. Hundreds of people marched to their lands, challenging the Occupation Forces carrying out the Zionist policies of racist expansionism. Protesters also vented their outrage at the continuous massacres of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Farmers from Imneizel, Tuwani and Susia converged in Yatta to demonstrate against the Wall being built along the settler-only road 80. It will lead to their isolation from the town of Yatta as well as nearby villages. Flags and banners were raised as Palestinian vowed to resist the measures which attempt to expel them from their lands.

As demonstrators entered the road they blocked it with rocks in order to prevent settler traffic from moving. The road connects the settlements in the Hebron area with those in the Naqab (Negev) district. A sizeable contingent of Occupation Forces were stationed in the area and attempted to stop the people. Clashes ensued as Soldiers used sticks and gun backs to beat back the villagers. The crowd resisted and succeeded in maintaining the road block.

In al Khader, west Bethlehem, hundreds of people demonstrated after Friday prayers. They marched from the village centre to the northwest where bulldozer work is ongoing to secure the complete isolation of west Bethlehem villages. A tunnel is under construction which destroys some of al Khader lands and is aimed at controlling Palestinian movement from the villages into Bethlehem. Chanting slogans against the Wall the villagers pledged to tear down the structure as part of their struggle for liberation. Occupation Forces arrived on the scene, threatening the villagers who stood firm on their occupied lands.

In Bil’in, dozens of people marched towards the gate of the Apartheid Wall that destroys and separates them from their lands. Soldiers unleashed huge amounts of tear gas with many demonstrators suffering serious breathing problems from the attack.

Ongoing demonstrations in the areas of construction emphasise the clear message to the Occupation that the Palestinian people will not surrender their rights and struggle for liberation and justice. From Ramallah to Hebron district, the Occupation works hastily to complete the ghettos. In south Yatta district, Occupation bulldozers have already completed 5 km of the wall, while in al Khader the Occupation is preparing to complete the tunnel which will isolate the village west of Bethlehem.