South Hebron Zionist colonies swallowing further Palestinian lands
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South Hebron Zionist colonies swallowing further Palestinian lands

In south Hebron, the Occupation began stealing further lands within what is designated to become the Palestinian ghetto. The construction of fencing around Tene settlement will further cement the colonization of our land.

On June 29th, the Occupation started to build a fence around Tene settlement. The Zionist settlement was built in 1982 and confiscated 300 dunums for the residential area and more than 1000 dunums around it from Dhahriya village. This area had been declared “no man’s land” and the Palestinian owners had thus been barred from cultivating it. Now, the fencing will completely isolate 100 dunums of the land. Furthermore, the people in the area fear that the fence will stretch from Tene settlement to the nearby outpost linking the two together. This would swallow another 800 dunums of agricultural land.

While Palestinians are increasingly crammed into disparate residential areas, this land grab expansion serves no more than 350 settlers.

The Occupation is erecting fences around each settlement not annexed by the Wall. This is isolating more Palestinian land for Zionist settlement expansion while fragmenting the Palestinian ghettos with Jewish-only enclaves and making Palestinian life impossible.

In Kuweyis, on the 26th of June, settlers from Suseya burned nearly 10 tons of bundled hey on the land of Ishaq Jabarin. The firemen who were called to the fire from Yatta were stopped by the Occupation forces. Only after an hour had passed and all of the hey had burned did the Occupation forces allow firemen from al-Khalil to reach the area and extinguish the last flames.

While the Apartheid Wall is still under construction in many places in the Hebron area, the Occupation is ensuring that life is made impossible by strategically fortifying settlements and their Jewish-only infrastructures.