Marches in Palestine fill the streets in protest of Zionist crimes and international complicity
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Marches in Palestine fill the streets in protest of Zionist crimes and international complicity

***image2***This Friday, demonstrations all over the West Bank and Gaza have drew thousands of people into the street to protest Israeli crimes in Palestine and Lebanon. The mass rallies showed the unity and steadfastness of the Palestinian people as well as their support for the Lebanese people.

In Nablus – a city under full attack by the Occupation forces – thousands gathered in front of the El-Hajj Nimr al-Nablusi mosque to march through the main streets of the city to the Martyrs’ Square in the city center. Lebanese and Palestinian flags were raised in defiance of Zionist attempts to subdue both peoples. Photos were displayed of the massacres of people and the destruction reaped by the Zionist army. The slogans condemned the crimes of the Zionist army in Gaza and Lebanon and vowed continued resistance against the Occupation. The people expressed their outrage against the United States’ full support to Apartheid Israel, including the repeated vetoes of resolutions calling for an end to the attacks at the UN Security Council. The silence of the international community and shameful positions of the Arab governments were also denounced in the same strong terms.

As the crowd’s chants encouraged the steadfastness of the Lebanese people, they also underlined their right to liberate their prisoners out of the Zionist jails and the right of refugees to return to their homes.

In Ramallah and Tulkarem, thousands united to march from the mosques to the city centers. Speeches were held by various political parties and Palestinian and Lebanese flags were raised.

In Bil’in, 400 people held their weekly demonstration. The march was a silent protest of mourning to honor the sacrifice and determination of the people to continue their struggle in the face of horrendous crimes committed by the Occupation forces in Gaza and Lebanon.

All across the Gaza Strip flags were raised and thousands of people gathered everywhere to protest against Zionist crimes and to reinforce their resistance.