mega888 No Greek movies at the Haifa Film Festival!
No Greek movies at the Haifa Film Festival!
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No Greek movies at the Haifa Film Festival!

On August 1st, the administrative council of the Greek Cinematography Center (GCC) decided to withdraw all the Greek movies they planned to participate in Haifa’s Cinema Festival this October, with the notion that “under the current circumstances the specific cultural event has lost its meaning”. The GCC has further expressed its belief that “people of spirit and artists can not remain aloof of so sad situations and in a lightsome mood participate in events that, normally, should unite peoples and races in a celebration for all mankind”.

Three days after this statement, Greek Directors Against War issued the following statement: “the Greek directors feel repulsion for the barbaric and inhuman attack of the Israeli forces against the Lebanese and the Palestinian people”. The Greek Directors Association adds: “The moment that thousands of civilians are murdered and thousands more are expelled from their houses, the people of spirit should raise their voice in order to prevent the continuance of the genocide of the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples”.

The news of the boycott and condemnation of the Greek film directors feeds into a widespread call for cultural boycott. In fact, the Locarno film festival and the Edinburgh film festival have already refused sponsorship by the Israeli foreign minister and return the money already disbursed.