Resistance in the face of brutal racism and colonialism
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Resistance in the face of brutal racism and colonialism

In many villages Palestinians have continued their popular activities against the Occupation’s war crimes and the Apartheid Wall and its racist expulsion policies. They are left with no other choice. The ghettos transforming Palestinian cities and villages into nightmarish open-air prisons are already taking shape on the ground. While the eyes of the world are focused on the crimes in Lebanon and – sometimes – on Gaza, the Occupation is preparing the mechanisms of repression within the ghettos via watch towers, military bases and gates which make these cities prisons inside prisons.

Hundreds of demonstrators from Bil’in, west Ramallah, marched in their weekly demonstration from the Mosque towards the Wall. These days, the protests throughout Palestine are against the Zionist crimes from the Wall to Gaza and Lebanon. The demonstrators carried Palestinian ad Lebanese flags and three coffins covered with blood, symbolizing the ruthless massacres the Occupation has been perpetrating against the people.

The Occupation forces blocked the protest right at the entrance of the village and cut it in half. Thereafter, the soldiers unleashed their brutality – evidently revenging on the people in the village – with sticks, gun backs, tear gas, rubber bullets and sound bombs. One of the peace activists supporting the demonstration was shot with a rubber bullet in his front and is still in a medically induced coma.

In west Bethlehem, hundreds of people from al Khader marched in their weekly demonstration from the mosque through the streets of the village shouting slogans against the Wall and the Zionist crimes. In front of the Wall, representatives of the National and Islamic Forces made speeches calling for constant resistance against the Wall.

In Tulkarem, hundreds of people marched from the mosque to the city center in protest against the crimes in Lebanon. The demonstrators stopped at the Martyr’s square to listen to the speeches given by representatives of the National and Islamic Forces.