India-Israeli arms deals grow despite condemnation of bombing
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India-Israeli arms deals grow despite condemnation of bombing

During the Zionist regime’s bombing of Lebanon the Indian parliament unanimously passed a resolution condemning “indiscriminate” bombing by Israel and also sought an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

The Lok Sabha “unequivocally condemns the large-scale and indiscriminate Israeli bombing of Lebanon that has been under way for many days which has resulted in the killing and suffering of large numbers of innocent civilians including women and children and caused widespread damage to civilian infrastructure in Lebanon.”

The Indian parliament resolution came after weeks of anti-Israel demonstrations in Indian cities and the condemnation of public and political figures. The government of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was initially hesitant to express public outrage at Apartheid Israel’s atrocities. This silence over Zionist crimes can be explained by the government’s close military ties with the US regime. In July 2005, India and the US signed a civilian nuclear-cooperation agreement to legitimize nuclear weapons held by India and lift nuclear-technology embargoes imposed after New Delhi first exploded a nuclear device in 1974.

In a press release the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) declared “the Qana killings are the latest in the long list of atrocities which the Israelis had perpetrated on the Arab and Palestinian peoples. Israel has been with impunity bombing civilian areas all over Lebanon. The Bush administration has played the heinous role of preventing an early ceasefire which could have spared many Lebanese lives and destruction. The US, instead, is rushing supplies of lethal bombs and weaponry to Israel.” The CPI-M called on the Indian government “to follow up its condemnation of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon by immediately halting the buying of weapons. Further, the government should review the intelligence and security cooperation which is taking place with the lawless Israeli regime.”

During the destruction of Lebanon the Indian military boasted of the “great importance” of the Israel-India military relationship which has seen Apartheid Israel emerge as the second largest supplier of arms to India after Russia, worth US$900 million a year.

The government announced that it is going ahead with its first-ever joint venture with the Occupation to manufacture “cargo ammunition”. This collaboration between Indian ordnance factories and Israel Military Industries, a public-sector armaments firm, is the first case of foreign investment in Indian defense production outside Russia and the former Soviet Union.

India’s armed forces have acquired military technology from Apartheid Israel in many areas ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles, radars and thermal imagers to missiles, anti-missile defense and electronic-warfare systems.