Malaysians boycott US companies
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Malaysians boycott US companies

Malaysians launched a boycott of 3 US companies on Friday in protest over Washington’s ‘support of Israel’s military actions’ against Palestine and Lebanon.
The Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia is calling on people to stop boycott three high-profile US companies – Starbucks, Coca Cola and Colgate-Palmolive. Starbucks is notorious for its support of the Zionist regime and its activities include funding trips to Israel for US youth. Azmin Ibrahim, a member of the groups’s organizing committee, said ‘To buy and trade with US goods is to actively support the illegal Israeli occupation in Palestine and the war in Lebanon’. The groups handed out leaflets to inform consumers of the boycott at prayers on Friday at the capital Kuala Lumpur’s two main mosques.
The governments of Malaysia and other Muslim countries have failed to respond to the mood of public outrage in Malaysia and other Muslim countries at Israeli atrocities in Palestine and Lebanon. After expressing only mild criticism of Occupation aggression Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said a boycott could backfire on Malaysia. It has been left to grassroots movements across the Muslim world to respond to the strength of this popular anger at US support for the Zionist regime. Strong calls for a boycott of US products have been coming from all sections of the Muslim world.
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has urged countries to stop using the US dollar to put pressure on the US regime which he denounced as a ‘bully on the global stage’. Dr Mahathir said that Israel military aggression is made possible only through US financial and military aid. He added ‘If the world is sincere in helping the Lebanese and Palestinians, they should reject the use of the dollar in international trade.’