Protests in Norway continue
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Protests in Norway continue

Saturday 22nd August saw the latest in the latest in a series of demos in Norway against Zionist aggression. Over 1,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of Oslo again in solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinians. This follows mass demos across Norway every Saturday between July 22nd – August 12th.

The Oslo Confederation of Trade Unions was one of the main organizers of the demonstration. In 2001 this Confederation had heeded a call for a boycott of the Occupation but was forced to back down after a concerted backlash from the Zionist lobby. The Oslo branch of the Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) is still calling strongly for a boycott of Apartheid Israel and is a member of the boycott campaign and the Association of NGOs for Palestine.
Recent protests and the rising profile of the Trade Union in the Palestine solidarity movement should spark a renewal of the national boycott call in the LO. Speeches were delivered by former leader of the Labour party Reiulf Steen and deputy of the Socialists Audun Lysbakken as well as solidarity activists and members of the Palestinian and Lebanese community.

On September 23rd-24th the Norwegian Association of NGOs for Palestine will arrange a national conference for the Palestine movement, supported financially by The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions. A major focus will be the strengthening of the boycott movement.

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