Jordanian opposition groups join calls to boycott Apartheid Israel
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Jordanian opposition groups join calls to boycott Apartheid Israel

A coalition of Jordanian opposition groups yesterday reiterated their calls for an international boycott of Israeli produce.

In a statement, the the National Committee for Confronting Normalization (NCCN), which consists of opposition parties, trade unions and independent politicians, said:

“We urge all Jordanian citizens to boycott fruit and all goods produced in the Zionist entity … because every penny that goes to the enemy’s economy is turned into arms and a means of destruction that targets our brethren in Palestine and Lebanon.”

The Jordanian government is coming under increasing pressure to end its policy of normalisation with Israel. In December 2005, twenty-five Jordanian trade unions, political parties, student groups and women’s organizations signed a statement calling for boycott of Israeli produce in protest at the construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall.

Jordanian civil society groups have repeatedly called for the the year old Wadi Araba peace treaty to be scrapped. Under the agreement Jordan is to eliminate customs duties on many Israeli products by 2010. The Jordanian market is currently being flooded with Israeli produce, particularly mangos.

August this year saw hundreds of Jordanians on the streets protesting against Israel’s assault on Lebanon and condemnation of Israeli brutality from groups such as the Arab Bridge for Development and Human Rights Center (ABDHRC).