Palestinian youths defend Bil’in at weekly demonstration
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Palestinian youths defend Bil’in at weekly demonstration

***image2***A group of young Palestinians yesterday stood up against Israeli occupying forces after they attacked the West Bank town of Bil’in. One of the attackers had his jaw broken when youths pelted them with rocks and stones.

Trouble flared at the weekly demonstration against the Apartheid Wall when Occupation forces attempted to prevent around 75 villagers from walking through their olive groves towards the wall.

After dispersing the protest Israeli attackers made several forays into the village firing sound bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets and arrested Mohammed Katib who was held for over an hour before being released.

Around forty young Palestinians blocked the road to the town with rubble to prevent military jeeps from entering and harried the occupation forces with stones from the olive groves and buildings outlying the village. Three Palestinians received rubber wounds to the stomach, arm and leg.