Occupation rounds up men and boys of Budrus
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Occupation rounds up men and boys of Budrus

***image2***Occupation forces attacked the West Bank village of Budrus last week, rounding up all males and taking their footprints in an attempt to clamp down on the village’s ongoing resistance to the wall.

The village was attacked at 9.00 am by twelve military vehicles. Occupation forces conducted house-to-house searches and occupied the village school, rounding up all males from a population of 1200. Villagers were harassed while occupation forces “checked” every male in the village in detail and took their footprints to be compared with prints found next to the Apartheid Wall.

Sections of the Apartheid Wall in Budrus are destroyed every few days by Palestinians resisting the occupation, and incident is the latest chapter in the military’s ongoing attempt to crush resistance.

So far, the occupation’s attempt to break the village’s will has been spectacularly unsuccessful. Despite numerous arrests, the shooting of youths, curfews and other restrictions, villagers have carried out acts of resistance against the wall on an almost daily basis since construction began on village lands in December 2003 and after its completion. Demonstrations and actions have resulted in the amount of land confiscated and isolated being decreased from around 1000 dunums to just 80 dunums.

The village has lost one martyr and villagers have suffered hundreds of injuries in the course of their resistance.