Geneva says:“No! to the world largest prison”
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Geneva says:“No! to the world largest prison”

***image2***In Geneva two street events, which took place on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of November, have characterized the week against the Apartheid Wall.

The activists from Collectif Urgence Palestine have created huge, street-wide banners in the city center of Geneva. The whole installation reached 40 meters with black sheets bearing Handala along with such slogans as:

“3,500,000 people imprisoned”

“No to the world’s largest jail!”

“In the Shadow of the Wall grow the seeds of resistance!”

“The Wall of today, the stones of tomorrow!”

Other slogans explicitly called on Switzerland to end military cooperation with the Occupation and try Israel for war crimes. The demonstration also included a PowerPoint presentation showing the harsh reality that Palestinians are subjected to everyday under the Occupation.

Hundreds of leaflets were distributed calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions and condemning the Apartheid Wall and Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

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