Qarawa Bani Hassan: Occupation forces destroy two buildings
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Qarawa Bani Hassan: Occupation forces destroy two buildings

The Occupation forces destroyed one house and one farm for raising animals in Qarawa Bani Hassan, west of Salfit. They are owned by Mustafa Ahmad Misleh and Nabil Khalil. The excuse, once again, was a lack of permits, but the real motivation is the cleansing of the Palestinian population from the land. Qarawat Bani Hassan has already lost much of its land to the Wall and the illegal Zionist settlements to its east.

***image2***The Occupation forces came with a lot of soldiers to occupy the village at 4:30 in the morning and started to demolish the two buildings. They began with Mustafa Misleh’s house, which is home to nine people. The Occupation forces gathered the family and pushed them out of their home. The family was then asked to move their furniture from the two-story building located in the north of the village.

Another Occupation bulldozer went to the animal farm to demolish the farm and a small room the owner used to sleep in. He built this farm on 400 m2 and it is the main income for his extended family of 30 people. He was raising sheep and chickens.

The mayor of Qarawa recounts that the Occupation forces closed the village and didn’t let anyone come close to the demolition sites. They damaged the car of the municipality with their bulldozers when municipal officers tried to reach the area. Nevertheless, a demonstration started with the youth of the village uniting and throwing stones in defense of their homes. Heavy clashes ensued with the Occupation firing tear gas at the youth until four people were injured.

Yesterday four people from the village of al Funduq were injured when they tried to stop the Occupation forces from destroying two houses and one farm in the village. Al Funduq is located north of Qarawat Bani Hassan and the Apartheid Wall also encroaches on this village.

The people, once again, gathered in protest and the Occupation used tear gas and sound bombs to disperse the crowd. Among the injured were Nu’man Shahwish and his brother, Subhi Rubah.

During this incursion, the Occupation forces gave an additional 10 families orders to leave their homes as they are slated for demolition.