Chile celebrates November as a Month of Action for Palestine!
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Chile celebrates November as a Month of Action for Palestine!

Every week several initiatives are taking place highlighting the events of the month: the week against the Apartheid Wall, the anniversary of the declaration of Independence, the death of Yasser Arafat and the UN day for Palestine.

The activities range from conferences, video screenings and exhibits to a mass held in the cathedral of Santiago, the capital of Chile, celebrated by the cardinal.
A series of solidarity declarations have been issued by various organizations.

The Chilean communist party – after the renewed veto of the US to a statement of condemnation of the massacre in Beit Hanoun – has clearly demanded from the government to speak up, denounce and act against the crimes of the Occupation.
The coordinator of solidarity with the Arab resistance has met Chile’s president Bachelet urging her to recall the county’s ambassador to Tel Aviv for consultation in response to the continuous Zionist massacres. The GUPS in Valparaiso, the second largest city in Chile, have issued a statement condemning the latest Zionist massacres as well as the continued construction of the Wall to mark the Week against the Apartheid Wall.