Ar-Rabuna: The Occupation destroys two houses and injures three youth
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Ar-Rabuna: The Occupation destroys two houses and injures three youth

This morning the Occupation forces destroyed two new houses in Ar-Rabuna, east of Jenin. The owners of the houses are Ahmed As’ad Abu Hassan and Majid Arif Abu Hassan. These houses were destroyed under the pretext of lacking proper permits. However, the home destructions are clearly part of the systematic dispossession and expulsion of the people in the village. Located close to the Green Line, the Wall has already isolated some 1000 dunums of agricultural land from the farmers and the rest of the village.

***image2***Around 20 Israeli jeeps and one bulldozer came in the early morning to occupy the village. They went directly to the two houses and started to demolish them. The people began to gather in the area while the owners of the two houses stayed on the roof in protest, trying to stop the Israeli bulldozers from destroying their homes.

The Occupation forces responded by shooting tear gas, sound bombs and rubber bullets all over the area. Some of the village residents that had gathered fainted. The sheer mount of ammunition pumped into the crowd made the people and the house owners decide to leave and the Occupation forces recommenced demolishing the two houses.

But the youth of the village came quickly back, throwing stones in a powerful demonstration to defend their property. This time the Occupation forces used live bullets, seriously injuring three youth. All three had to be brought to the hospital for treatment and one of the injured was hit in his shoulder.

At the same time the Occupation forces sent a message to another 5 families in the same village to leave their houses as they are slated for demolition. The Zionist forces are working on a widespread house demolition campaign all over the West Bank. Other places that have been targeted are: al Funduq, Qarawa Bani Hassan, and Yatta (north of Hebron).