Four people injured in Bil’in while dozens in al-Khas and Nu’man stand against settler attack
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Four people injured in Bil’in while dozens in al-Khas and Nu’man stand against settler attack

***image2***Four people were injured yesterday by Occupation bullets in Bil’in during the weekly demonstrations organized by the people of the village in coordination with the popular committee against the Wall.

Around 300 people joined the demonstration, accompanied by representatives of national parties and institutions. This protest came on the anniversary of the UN Partition Resolution in 1947. People carried a big placard with 4 Palestinian maps: one of historical Palestine, the second showing the Partition plan and the third showing the ghettos created by the Apartheid Wall. The fourth bore the map of Palestine with a big question mark to illustrate the uncertainty of survival under conditions imposed by the Occupation.

Similar to last week’s demonstration, the people tried to pass with tractors to the lands isolated by the Wall, with the intention to cultivate and prepare them for the next season. They also protested against normalization and cooperation with the Occupation and urged for a boycott of the Occupation and everyone that stands behind them. As usual, Occupation forces blocked the demonstrators when they reached the north part of the village. Clashes ensued and the Occupation forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the protestors. Four youth were injured and dozens were affected by the tear gas.

The soldiers also occupied one house belonging to Muhammad Ali Yassin. The house overlooks the village, giving the soldiers an advantageous position. They took the roof and prohibited the people from moving.

Also, the Occupation forces released Ayyed Abdelrahman Burrinat after a bail of 4000 NIS was paid. He had been arrested last week on charges of defending his village from the Wall and the Occupation.

In Nu’man and al-Khas, in East Bethlehem, dozens of people clashed with a group of settlers from Frat who came to the village to protest. The settlers had requested that the Occupation erect a Jewish-only road in the middle of these two villages to connect the Zionist settlement with Jerusalem. The people, however, blocked the way of the settlers with burning wires and threw stones at them until they were forced to turn back.