Anata: a Palestinian community squeezed among the Wall
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Anata: a Palestinian community squeezed among the Wall

In Anata, north-east of Jerusalem, the Occupation Forces distributed further confiscation orders. These additional orders will confiscate 167 dunums and 700 square meters from the land of Anata for the construction of a new phase of the Wall surrounding the town.

This new phase is an integral part in the implementation of the “Greater Jerusalem” plan that aims to annexes as many settlements and lands while at the same time removing as many Palestinians as possible. The Occupation is attempting to create a demographic, based on forced expulsion, which will lead to the Judaization of the city.

The Wall will start from the north of Anata to annex the Almon settlement and Anatot military camp. It will continue along the north-east to annex the settlements of Kfar Adumim and Alon. From there it will run along the east to annex Mishor Adumim, Ma’ale Adumim and Kidar. It will then connect with the Wall coming from Eizariye.

The Wall finally will surround Anata from all sides, effectively locking around 15,000 people in an area not larger than 9,000 – 10,000 dunums. It will isolate the roughly 20,000 dunums of agricultural land in the east where the people from Anata plant wheat and animal fodder. This development comes in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dunums isolated from Eizawiye, Eizariye, Abu Dis and Sawahreh.

Anata historically owned lands totaling 35,700 dunums. Slowly the Occupation Forces isolated much of this land to build the Almon settlement and the Anatot military camp. Now a Jewish-only road will be built along the Wall, increasing the amount of stolen land. This continuous Zionist expansionism will leave Anata with not more than 10,000 dunums.