Remember Do’a, martyred by the Occupation on her way from school
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Remember Do’a, martyred by the Occupation on her way from school

Fara’on – Do’a Abdel Khader Naser, a 13 year old girl from Izbet Naser close to Fara’on village south of Tulkarem, was killed yesterday by bullets from the Israeli occupation. Do’a was shot in the chest and hand as she walked past the Apartheid Wall north of Fara’on.

***image2***The people of the village witnessed the Israeli occupiers firing a torrent of bullets toward Do’a and her ten year old friend Rasha as they walked by the Wall on their way back from school. When ambulances and doctors rushed to the scene they were prevented from entering by the occupation forces and while Rasha escaped physically unharmed, Do’a was left, untreated, to bleed to death.

Doa’s coffin was carried through the streets of Tulkarem district yesterday afternoon as hundreds of people marched behind it in anger. Joining in the march were Doa’s friends and students from many other schools in Tulkarem. Doa was laid to rest in Tulkarem graveyard.

During the march, people called for national unity and asked for Palestinian political parties to stop fighting each other and to unite in fighting the Occupation. Do’a’s father is one of more than 10 000 Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons and was prevented by the occupation from seeing his daughter for the last time.

Fara’on, encircled from three sides by the Apartheid Wall, has had much of its land isolated or destroyed by the Wall or stolen and polluted by the Israeli chemical factory Gheshuri.