Apartheid road steals farming land and a cemetery
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Apartheid road steals farming land and a cemetery

***image2***Hundreds marched in a demonstration from Beit Omar to Al Arub College in Halhul to voice their anger at the building of a settler only road that will steal Palestinian agricultural and residential land. The Israeli governments’ plans for the road which will be 10km long and 165m wide will confiscate 1300 dunums of land from the village of Halhul north of Hebron. The road will also result in the theft of grape and citrus farms along with an Islamic cemetery in the Arub camp.

The planned road will serve to link Kfar Etzion and Kirya Arba settlement. The existing road is used by both Israelis and Palestinians but the new road will force Palestinians to use farm roads.

Present at the demonstration were the mayors of both Halhul and Beit Omar villages who spoke of the danger of the road and called on the Palestinian people and authorities to halt its building.