Apartheid Road grows and farmers lose more land
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Apartheid Road grows and farmers lose more land

In Yatta in the south of Hebron, occupation bulldozers have begun expanding a 1km long settler only road that has been under construction since 2001. The expansion of this road will confiscate more Palestinian land and serve to further isolate farmers from their lands. Palestinian farmers are not permitted to use the road or any of the land that lies on the settlement side of the road, farmers who have tried have been beaten.

The 1000 dunums of land that has been confiscated for the road and the area around the settlement belongs to the Nawaja, Hidar and Hilise families.

Last month the occupation forces issued 21 military orders to families to leave their houses in order to demolish them to make space for the expanding settlement. The Palestinians in the area feel more and more threatened as they are not only losing their livelihoods, but their homes.