Gate no. 25 – gradual stranglehold and dispossession of farmers in Jayyous
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Gate no. 25 – gradual stranglehold and dispossession of farmers in Jayyous

Occupation Forces have slashed the daily time that agricultural gate number 25 – northwest of Jayyous village – is open, leaving farmers from the village unable to access their lands. It is now open only for a total of three hours – one each in morning, noon and evening. Previously it was open for 12 continuous hours.

***image2***The new restrictions mean farmers are now forced to gather there at 5am, or they are unable to reach their lands that have been isolated by the Apartheid Wall. Huge crowds of farmers have ensued every morning. Even then not all farmers are able to get through in the allocated hour, as Occupation Forces slow their passage at whim through demeaning procedures, making crossing the gate impossible for many. After one hour the gate is slammed shut, leaving many farmers still waiting and unable to get to their lands. The only other gate, Falamiye, is 5kms away.

The mayor of Jayyous said: “This procedure is yet another new obstacle that the Occupation has put in front of farmers to impede them reaching their land and to make them lose the time that they need to work. This is aimed at trying to force them to abandon the isolated land for the benefit of the settlers and the Occupation. But the farmers will not leave it, even if they have to go round the whole earth to reach it.”

The Apartheid Wall runs along the west side of Jayyous and isolates and destroyed around 9000 dunums of the village’s land – all of it agricultural.