21 Injured in Bil’in; Crowded Demonstration in Um Soulimane
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21 Injured in Bil’in; Crowded Demonstration in Um Soulimane

21 demonstrators were injured in Bil’in village by Occupation bullets during a weekly demonstration which is organized by the Popular Committee Resisting the Wall in the village.

***image2***Hundreds of demonstrators yesterday in a crowded march took to the streets of the village, heading towards the West side of the village which is separated by the Apartheid Wall. The demonstrators bore Palestinian flags, repeating chants against the Occupation and the Wall.

Large numbers of Occupation soldiers spread through the area and tried to prevent the demonstrators from advancing to the Wall and its crossings; however, the demonstrators did not obey the orders of the soldiers, who began to use their batons and guns to separate them. They then ran after the demonstrators with gas and sound bombs and rubber bullets, leading to 21 people suffering from various wounds resulting from the gas and bullets.

Violent confrontations between Occupation forces and hundreds of demonstrators from Um Soulimane, Joure Eshem’a and Wad In-Nees (in the south countryside of Bethlehem district) occurred during a crowded demonstration organized in the district by the Popular Committee Resisting the Wall. The residents were protesting the Apartheid Wall that steals and destroys their lands, and calling for the dismantling of the Wall and settlements. Some of the participants in this demonstration included landowners, a number of celebrities, and representatives of village councils, organizations and popular campaigns in the southern villages and the district.
Occupation machines were used approximately 3 months ago to dig up large areas of Palestinian lands in the south countryside in Bethlehem District, preparing to erect a new section of the Wall directly to the west of villages Um Soulimane, Wad In-Nees, Joure Eshem’a and Wad Rihal, in order to include Gush Atzioun Settlement in what the Occupation Authority calls Greater Jerusalem.